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Reel Number: 220677-19

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1937

Country: Russia,USSR

Location: Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow

TC Begins: 11:44:05

TC Ends: 11:56:22

Duration: 00:12:17

NKVD 20th anniversary celebrations at the Bolshoi Theater Speech by Chairman Mikoyan on the podium, makes speech (SOF), speaks of excellent efforts of individuals to rebuild destroyed economies, praises Yezhov’s huge role in NKVD. 11:45:43 Audience applaud, Mikoyan looks around & continues his speech, talks about horrible anti - revolutionary actions - killing of Kirov & trust in NKVD army’s future success. 11:47:09 Jumps back to piece about killing of Kirov - Kirov gave his life as true revolutionary. 11:47:32 Close shot of Mikoyan, tells how German spy found & arrested. Shots of Mikoyan from various angles, speaks of principles, morals of NKVD, devotion to Stalin and party. 11:50:26 Quotes Stalin's speech at Dzerzhinsky’s funeral. Talks about Dzerzhinsky’s work for NKVD - future generations will be proud of NKVD. 11:52:18 Tells how Soviet investigators call each other ‘glorious Cheka’ - memory of Dzerzhinsky lingers in their hearts and does not fade. 11:53:24 Mikoyan continues his speech w/ words - Stalin knows what to say and whom to love, public applaud. 11:53:55 Says Stalin constitution opened a new page in history. NKVD and Red Army are defenders of society. To be effective learns lessons from history of struggle against enemies, spies and counter revolutionaries. Many pages described in history of revolution - spirit of Soviet Intelligence is high and devotion to the party. 11:55:00 Continues speech - Cheka under Dzerzhinsky made decisive achievements, applause. Camera stays on Mikoyan at all times. NB Short jumps in tape throughout - trims.

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