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Post WWI - Unidentified Reel (probably Vladivostok, Russia)

Reel Number: 220681-01

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1918

Country: Russia

Location: Europe,vladivostok

TC Begins: 17:00:22

TC Ends: 17:16:16

Duration: 00:15:54

Unidentified item WWI Aerial views dock / industrial areas. 17:01:38 Ships, boats / barges on river? w/ Russian churches beyond. View from ship. 17:02:42 Unid. VIP greets others as they leave building; shaking hands. CU of ?? Long line of people shake hands w/ him as they leave, civilian & military. Civilian men, women & children watching. Stalin in military uniform? British, Americans. 17:04:22 Interior military office, man writing at desk. Dissolve to several men in room. 17:04:32 US (?) military band off ship. 17:04:50 Dock workers standing; soldiers w/ fixed bayonets down gangplank of camouflaged ship. Troops assemble on dockside. Supplies unloaded from ship - sacks of flour in sling onto wagon w/ horse. Women in Eastern European clothes move large bags of flour from wagon to dock & into small sailing barges. Rowed away from camera. 17:08:17 Children pose for camera, one holding milk carrier (?) Given biscuits. CU smiling boy w/ biscuit. Pan down boy’s clothing to US belt buckle & leggings. Other kids. 17:09:22 Soldiers making purchases in street market - looks Czech or Russian. Soldiers buying mittens. 17:11:07 Red Cross flag raised on building in ceremony watched by soldiers & nurses. Military band down street. Prisoners? CU native faces, laughing. Heavy clothes. 17:13:02 Pan across bay to sawmill & logs. Logs pulled up, Interior sawmill, sawing wood. Timber yard. Women collect wood loaded onto carts from sawmill. US soldiers in yard. Locals digging fields, clearing tree stumps - mostly women & girls. 17:15:28 Town center, tram / street car up & past. Biplane taking off from grass aerodrome. Hunger; Famine; Food Relief; Post-WWI; Vladvistock (?), Russia (?);

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