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Pre-WWII - 1939 Newsreel: Winter Training; Navy Launchings; Cuba - Mexico; Castle Wedding; Guadruplets; Evening Dress Fashions

Reel Number: 220540-07

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1939,1930s

Country: England,Mexico,United Kingdom,USA

Location: Fort Ethan Allen, Burlington, Vermont,Kearny, New Jersey,La Porte, Colorado,Vera Cruz,Windsor

TC Begins: 16:15:17

TC Ends: 16:20:13

Duration: 00:04:56

Pre-WWII - 1939 Newsreel: Winter Training; Navy Launchings; Cuba - Mexico; Castle Wedding; Guadruplets; Evening Dress Fashionsl Optical main title w/ montage of newsreel scenes. Intertitle: “Ft. Ethan Allen, VT. Army Units Show How Good They Are at Winter Training.” 16:15:41 Troops riding horses at speed over snow l. to r. officer’s quarters in background; jumping fences; jumping thru man legs; jumping over rifle held by two soldiers; horse jumps over camera. 16:15:59 Troops driving trucks across snow on field, some pulling artillery; across bridge on rutted road. Pulling artillery into place, sighting & firing guns / artillery. CU explosions. 16:16:19 Night shots tracer bullets being fired. 16:16:25 Intertitle: World-Wide News Events. Kearny, N.J. 04Feb39 Young woman swinging champagne bottle to launch two destroyers: USS Hammann (DD-412) down slipway into Hudson river; USS Anderson (DD-411) launched at Federal Shipbuilding and Drydock Company. 16:17:05 Intertitle: Vera Cruz, Mexico. Liner / passenger ship pulling into dock as crowds w/ flowers wave. Military w/ Batista party disembarks. MCU Batista posing w/ VIPs. Crowds surround car moving along dock. Batista speaking from balcony, CU applause. CU Batista & Cardenas w/ ?? (not Cardenas). 16:17:33 Intertitle: La Porte, Colourado. 16:17:37 LS Explosion destroyed buildings after dynamite blast wrecks cement plant. CUs, broken windows & building. High angle of wrecked cars & crater. Police look at smoking wreckage of cars; car on fire. 16:18:01 Intertitle: Windsor, England. 16:18:04 Cars arrive in falling snow w/ castle behind; MCU arriving cars, men w/ shovels for wedding of daughter of Lieutenant Governor of Windsor Castle in St. George’s Chapel. Pan of guests in snow w/ umbrellas. Bride arrives, barely seen as rushes from car thru onlookers into chapel. 16:18:27 Wedding gifts / presents on table / display. CU brooch from King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, another brooch from Queen Mary. Couple after wedding posing; comes down steps in snow. GOOD. 16:18:46 Intertitle: Galveston, Texas. 16:18:49 Brief ext. of hospital. Int. two doctors signals four, not five. MCU pan of nurse w/ babies: Joan, Jeraldine, Jennette & Joyce, each sleeping in a cot. Father, W.E. Badgett w/ doctor who jokingly listens to his heart & signals okay; MCU smiling father. 16:19:12 Intertitle: New York, Hearts ‘n Flowers The Sweet Refrain For St. Valentine’s. 16:19:18 Models posing at Hotel New Yorker fashion show as if in dressing room wearing romantic evening dresses. MCU one primping in mirror w/ floral ornaments in hair & as corsage CU. Others as though thru window venetian blind. CU other flowers used as accents. Two models posing smoking cigarettes. Smiles. 1930s Dictator; Pre-WW2 Cavalry Winter Training; Multiples; Births; Oddities; Hearts; Fashions; Promotions; NOTE: If requested partial or entire of 16:15:17 - 16:26:23 (3 cards) sold at per reel rate.

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