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President Reagan - Star Wars Speech

Reel Number: 220611-01

Color: Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1983

Country: USA

Location: Washington, DC

TC Begins: 09:00:00

TC Ends: 09:28:55

Duration: 00:28:55

President Reagan - Star Wars Speech Ronald Reagan seated at desk in White House makes speech re defense budget and detailing his plans for Star Wars - Strategic Defense Initiative. Tape fault at start. Talks of defense budget - “ United States does not start fights, we will never be an aggressor “ talks of need for strong deterrent and the weapons accumulated by Soviet Union. 09:09:28 Graphic re ICBMs. Graphic re Intermediate range weapons. Graphic re conventional weapons production. Aerial photographs of Russian Soviet Communications Intelligence facility at Lourdes, Cuba . Aerial photo Western Cuba - MIGs on airfield. Aerial photo Sandino Airfield, Nicaragua showing soviet weaponry. Aerial photo Grenada - airfield under construction. Talks of American aid to other Central American states such El Salvador, Costa Rica, Honduras and others in the region. Lists some of the countries where the Russians have growing influence. Says Soviet Union has “Offensive” military force. 09:15:39 Says when he took office in Jan 1981 - appalled at state of US military forces, lack of equipment - low military morale and under recruitment. Says nuclear freeze would undermine efforts in arms reduction talks. Says military morale has now improved & young people once again feel it is an honor to wear the uniform. Talks of expansion of building for military - new equipment & expansion of the Navy & Marines. 09:20:28 Graphic re percentage of budget spent on defense; asks the American people to tell their Senators to approve the increase needed in the defense budget. 09:22:20 Starts re new ways of dealing with mutual threat of nuclear war. 09:24:45 “ Let me share w/ you a vision of the future which offers hope ...” Says he is directing a comprehensive effort re long term research and development program to achieve ultimate goal of eliminating threat of nuclear weapons. 1983; 23Mar83 NOTE: Any continuous 15 minutes sold at per reel rate.

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