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Revolution Extracts

Reel Number: 220676-08

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1910s

Country: Azerbaijan,Russia,USSR

Location: Baku,Shushenskoye, Siberia ?,Simbirsk,St. Petersburg

TC Begins: 10:05:51

TC Ends: 10:17:07

Duration: 00:11:16

Revolution Extracts Documentary on Russian Revolution - footage intercut w/ stills & paintings. High shots across Simbirsk where Lenin born 1870 - exterior & interior shots affluent family house - portraits of Lenin’s father Ilya Nikolaevich Ulyanov & mother Maria Alexandrovna Blank - CUs book & newspaper laid out on tables - dining room w/ map of Europe on wall - more family portraits inc. young Lenin, brothers & sisters - Lenin’s bedroom ? w/ desk. 10:07:52 Lake scenes - painting of peasants. Prison. CU Imperial proclamation ? dated April 1887 - probably trial papers or death sentence for Lenin’s brother Alexander & other students from St. Petersburg University who plotted against Tsar - list of names & signatures. INT Lenin family home - portrait teenage Lenin. 10:09:16 City shots - St. Petersburg? - prison cell where Lenin held c1895? - artist’s impression of Lenin in cell. Portrait Lenin now w/ beard. Run-down village w/ shacks - peasant farmer ploughing w/ horse - threshing grain - peasants on boat. 10:11:06 Men packing shells? Early oil fields at Baku - drilling - filthy man climbs out of hole & bucket of oil raised. 10:11:54 ‘1893’ - Tsar Nicholas II & family ? at military review actually early 1910s. City scenes - factories - chimneys pouring smoke. Portrait of Lenin as adult. Building in St. Petersburg? where Lenin held meetings; artists impressions. Russian pamphlets. Prison exterior & interior - Lenin’s cell. 10:14:30 ‘1897’ - Rural Russian scenes - forested mountains - lakes - farms - village of Shushenskoye in Siberia where Lenin exiled? - INT log cabin. 10:15:38 ‘1900’ - Views of unid. city on river - ancient ruins. Lenin aged approx. 30. Newspaper Iskra. Good quality. Cont’d... Russia / USSR. Communism.

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