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Revolution Extracts Cont’d.

Reel Number: 220676-09

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1910s-1920s

Country: France,Russia,USSR

Location: Moscow ?,Paris,St. Petersburg

TC Begins: 10:17:08

TC Ends: 10:26:42

Duration: 00:09:34

Revolution Extracts Cont’d. Documentary on Russian Revolution - footage intercut w/ stills & paintings. Animated map of Lenin’s travels? Printing presses in underground chamber. Artist’s impression Lenin speaking at meeting. 10:18:15 ‘1905’ - First civil war / uprising - wounded soldiers helped off train by nurses footage later than 1905 - portrait of St. Petersburg protest suppressed by military. Workers out of factory; workers meeting. 10:18:56 Extract from Battleship Potemkin - sailors on ship - Odessa Steps sequence - 11Dec05 events recreated - workers demonstration put down in Moscow - street fighting. Artist impressions of Lenin addressing large meeting. 10:21:43 Prisoners marched in circle in yard; prisoners in ship’s jail. Sailors board train. Men in leg irons. 10:22:32 ‘1908’ - High shots across Paris c1920s showing the Seine from Notre Dame - memorial wall carved w/ anguished faces - house where Lenin lived. Revolutionary literature & newspapers. 10:25:34 ‘1914’ - German troops w/ spiked helmets marching - Kaiser Wilhelm II ? French? officers. High pan across huge crowds in center of St. Petersburg ? Brief shot line of troops moving slowly through trench. Good quality. Russia / USSR; Communism; Riots / Rebellion; WWI; Trench Warfare; Russian Feature Films; WW1;

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