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Roosevelt and Churchill Meet in North Africa

Reel Number: 220682-06

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1943

Country: North Africa French Morocco Brazil  Liberia

Location: Casablanca Rabat Rio de Janeiro

TC Begins: 18:19:43

TC Ends: 18:27:31

Duration: 00:07:48

Roosevelt and Churchill Meet in North Africa President Roosevelt and Winston Churchill meet in Casablanca. Aerial Views Casablanca. US signal corp putting up communication lines. Panning shot over Casablanca. Military guards outside Presidential villa. Cars through checkpoint. US troops line route. Roosevelt in jeep inspects allied troops. Troops march on parade ground.Tanks and military vehicles parade. 18:22:48 Anfa Hotel exterior - guards outside. FDR wearing armband and Winston Churchill pose with party in gardens. 18:23:38 Planes fly over - sentry. Allied top brass - officers meet round conference table. Sir Charles Portal and General Arnold. Sir Alfred Dudley Pound and Admiral King. Sir Alan Brooke with General George Marshall. 18:24:13 Military cemetery near Rabat. Wreath layed. 18:24:40 FDR with General Giraud. 18:25:17 Roosevelt, Giraud, De Gaulle and Churchill pose in gardens. Giraud and De Gaulle shake hands. Churchill and FDR give briefing to press. Brief shot in aircraft cockpit. 18:26:20 FDR inspects black US troops in Liberia 18:26:55 FDR meets President Vargas of Brazil in Rio de Janeiro. Nice closeups of Roosevelt and Churchill together.

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