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The Inauguration of Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Reel Number: 220667-01

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1933

Country: USA

Location: Washington

TC Begins: 18:00:08

TC Ends: 18:09:51

Duration: 00:09:43

The Inauguration of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 1933 The Roosevelts meet the Hoovers at the White House - Hoover shakes hands with FDR as gets in car Both wives travel in car behind Adm. Grayson with Colonel Louis McHenry Howe and one of his secretaries seated three abreast in open top car. Members of the Hoover Cabinet are present. Dignitaries occupy the inaugural stand. FDR arrives with son James. Chief Justice Hughes administers the oath and Pres. Roosevelt delivers his address. The Presidential party drives in parade to the White House and enters the reviewing stand. Parade starts up Pennsylvania Avenue. US Army band and massed colours of the First Division of the parade. Troops marching.

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