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The Inauguration of Franklin Delano Roosevelt - Inaugural Parade

Reel Number: 220667-02

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1933

Country: USA

Location: Washington

TC Begins: 18:09:52

TC Ends: 18:19:50

Duration: 00:09:58

The Inauguration of Franklin Delano Roosevelt - Inaugural Parade Black and White Horse batteries of the 16th Field Artillery. US Marine band. US Navy band. Dirigible Akron overhead (LTA) . Washington High School cadets in parade. Governor Clifford Pinchot of Pennsylvania waving from open top car. Governor Albert C. Ritchie in parade. General Douglas MacArthur riding grey horse passes in review in front of Presidential stand. Marching bands and colours past review stand. General MacArthur takes his place behind the president to review the rest of the parade. ( barely visible at top of frame) Gun carriages. White plumed Richmond Blues march past. Wilmington Legion drumand bugle corps. Governor Ritchie stand in car to salute new president. Green Trojans of Greensburg Pa. Abraham Lincoln impersonated by Alton Shirk. Pan down Presidents stand . Political clubs marching. Indians of North America in ceremonial feathers pass. Songle Indian stops in front of stand and salutes FDR. New York Police band pass. Al Smith, former Democratic standard bearer, marches with Tammany Hall contingent. Tom Mix, movie star, on horseback. Oher movie stars from Hollywood - float with sign Better Times referring to “New Deal”

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