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The War 1941 - 1944 R6

Reel Number: 220691-02

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1943

Country: Russia Pacific Egypt Iran Yugoslavia EnglandFrance UNITED KINGDOM

Location: Tarawa Cairo Tehran Paris

TC Begins: 03:10:08

TC Ends: 03:19:50

Duration: 00:09:42

The War 1941 - 1944 R6 1943 - Russian troops liberating Russia - Good shots Khrushchev embracing civilians. Marshall Zhukov. 03:10:53 The Pacific - US naval task force. Ships firing on Pacific islands - tracer bullets. Aircraft strafing and bombing. Troops in landing craft - battle scenes on beach. Firing machine gun. Dead Japanese on Tarawa. Medic tending to wounded marine. US flag raised - US bodies floating in sea and on beach. Marching marines. 03:14:24 Cairo conference - Churchill, Roosevelt, Chiang Kai-Shek pose for photos. Military top brass at meeting round conference table. Map of Pacific and Japan. 03:15:21 Tehran Conference - Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin pose. Joint statement. 03:16:11 Yugoslav partisans singing and smiling. Marshall Tito smoking. French underground singing. 03:16:47 D-Day - montage leaving Britain. Animated map re attacks on Germany. Montage battle scenes in various theatres of war. 03:18:07 French underground uprising - man firing pistol - Partisans with rifles - interior shot as one throws grenade from window. German military vehicle on fire - burning Germans out. Allies enter Paris - cheering crowds. Montage liberation shots across Europe. War graves. Dead Germans. Crying baby boy. US tank breaking through wall. Montage allied armies - Allied flags. WWII; WW2;

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