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Unending Struggle, The Part 1 of 3

Reel Number: 221100-01

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1965

Country: Ecuador

Location: Quito

TC Begins: 03:00:25

TC Ends: 03:10:46

Duration: 00:10:21

The Unending Struggle Part 1 of 3 Documentary for US State Dept. re political, economic, military, and cultural interests of the US abroad, showing some of the ways in which the foreign service protects and advances these interests in Ecuador. High pan across rooftops of Ecuadorian city - street scenes w/ traders selling goods on sidewalk market - kids on carousel - VO re poverty of two thirds of world’s population. Funeral procession through streets - coffin carried behind car - mourning women. Labourers at work - VO “too often there is little to show for it”. Titles. 03:02:14 High shots across coastal city Quito ? & valley below Andes. CUs Indian, Spanish & mixed-race Ecuadoreans. Kids w/ bare feet. Statue of Columbus? on horseback. Shanty town on stilts above river. Horse & cart past wall w/ graffiti ‘Viva Cuba’. 03:03:45 US headquarters in Ecuador - smart modern complex in capital Quito. INT Presidential Palace - meeting of US Ambassador Maurice Burnbaum & members of ruling Junta re Alliance for Progress loans - vars CUs inc. President Ramon Castro Jijon. 03:06:30 Village school under construction - children explore unfinished building - VO re US contributions to tackling high illiteracy rate in Ecuador through new schools etc. - workers on site. 03:07:55 Vars people listen to portable radios in streets - radio broadcast from truck patrolling streets - INT broadcast under way in radio booth inside US Embassy - VO re 700 programmes produced by US Information Service in vars languages each year. 03:08:58 James F. McKeernan, Assistant US Information Officer, arrives at rural radio station to convince owner to broadcast USIS programming - VO “Not every Ecuadorian station is favourably disposed to the American viewpoint...” CUs McKeernan talks in Spanish w/ owner, explaining format of programmes - confirms that it is Anti-Communist in nature & refers to situation in Cuba. Anti-Communism. US Foreign Policy. Poverty. Third World Aid. South America. 1960s.

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