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WWI - Cemeteries in the A.E.F.; Theodore Roosevelt at son Quintin’s Gravesite

Reel Number: 220680-01

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1918

Country: Canada,France

Location: Bois de Etraye,Chamery,Charlefeux Griscourt,Cheppy, St Maurice,Fleury,Nantillois,Sedan,st nazaire

TC Begins: 16:00:09

TC Ends: 16:16:51

Duration: 00:16:42

WWI - Cemeteries in the A.E.F.; Theodore Roosevelt at son Quintin’s Gravesite St. Nazaire cemetery dedicated w/ troops at attention, priests & military band. 16:00:39 US troops are buried at Cheppy. Dead in body bags carried to graves, funeral service at graveside. Multiple graves in row, multiple bodies. Troops listen w/ destroyed village on hillside in background. MS of graves & gravediggers. Body on stretcher stiff w/ rigor mortis. Man reading at grave. 16:03:53 Grave dug as an unknown soldier is buried in the ruins of Nantillois. Wooden coffin carried from army truck. Two coffins over grave, soldiers fire salute. Other graves w/ crosses & fences around. 16:08:19 Cemetery entrance w/ two stone pillars & concrete steps. View of markers. Large marker (German?). Two soldiers looking at many crosses. 16:09:36 Five Jewish markers. Pan over cemetery, crosses & headstones. Cemetery w/ small flags. Crosses w/ helmets hanging & rifles laying on graves. 16:11:25 Soldiers looking at debris in field (of Quintin Roosevelt plane?, died 14Jul18). Men pick thru wreckage. Grave of Lt. Quentin Roosevelt as marked by the Germans who buried him at Chamery. Soldier holds marker w/ name. Gravesite w/ bits of airplane. MCU of marker. 16:13:53 US troops stand at attention around grave; MCU chaplain reads from prayerbook. 16:14:56 Ex-President & father Theodore Roosevelt by graveside places flowers. Old grave surround removed; replaced w/ new headstone and surround. Wreath laid. MCU of marker. Note: Graves & burial ceremonies at Griscourt, Bois de Etraye, Nantillois, Charlefeux, Fleville, St. Maurice, Sedan, Chamery, and Fleury. Horrors of War; Burials; Chaplains; ca 1918 France; WW1;

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