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WWI - Newsreel Excerpts - Armistice Related

Reel Number: 220679-02

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1918,1930s

Country: Belgium,France,Germany,Italy,Poland,USA,Vatican City

Location: Hamburg,Helgoland,Rome,Vatican City,Verdun,Warsaw,West Point

TC Begins: 15:11:21

TC Ends: 15:24:16

Duration: 00:12:55

WWI - Newsreel Excerpts - Armistice Related President Ebert visits Helgoland - VIPs walking together. Cliff faces. Sea defences. Pan across gun emplacements and German naval base. 15:12:28 "Post-War": Verdun - newly-built ? monument - inscription on war memorial - ‘...Memoire des Soldats Francais...’. Unid man reading from platform - introduces another unid. man who makes speech - opening ceremony? War grave w/ bayonet. 15:13:18 Nivelle at West Point w/ MacArthur - troops in dress uniform inspected. Cadets drill on field. CU VIPs. 15:14:13 "Armistice": Rome - Socialists defeated - crowds on streets & listening to man on balcony - applause. 15:15:02 Good AVs Rome - Colosseum / Coliseum - Victor Emmanuel memorial construction work visible - Vatican & St. Peter’s Square - Castello di St Angelo - all AVs 1930s ?. 15:18:17 Troops ? German POWs ? Russian troops. Bread handed over fence to prisoners. Women pouring soup. Cossack dancers. Top shot from window of street riot - troops NARA card says Italian workers seize factory. 15:20:28 Warsaw - Polish enlistment - Men signing on, marching off and assembling in fields. Taking oath. Polish priest blessing troops - woman soldiers march with rifles. Polish artillery - horse-drawn gun carriages cross ditch. Breadline - Poland, hungry children in queue. 15:22:35 Post-War Germany: Hamburg - people of Ruhr flee Red advance, civilians crossing bridge w/ suitcases. Pan across river w/ steamships. German? troops in trench w/ heavy guns. Belgium - military search refugees - bridge at Wesel, Batch or Sparticus - man in car has papers checked. POWs w/ food bowls.

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