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WWI News Excerpts

Reel Number: 220896-05

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1918



TC Begins: 16:49:58

TC Ends: 17:03:28

Duration: 00:13:30

WWI News Excerpts "Armistice": Pan group of US soldiers - last day - Receive pay and say goodbye - De-mob 16:51:06 Pan across plaza with palm trees in Nice - US troops walking - soldiers outside YMCA. Open air band & dancing soldier (like early breakdancing). Troops visit ruins. 16:52:36 Crowds on street outside Victoria Cafe. Berlin - returning German soldiers. Girl & soldiers singing; Crowds - German horsemen through crowd lined street 16:55:01 U-boats - divided among Allies - Pan along submarines moored against large ship. U-91. Cheering sailors Allied ships. Film deterioration. 16:55:38 - 16:56:19 Shots from ship as entering harbour. German flag flying - changes to British. Rows of German subs. 16:57:59 Fort of Sedul-Bahr which was shattered by British long range guns. Shots from ship of ruins of fort. From land of naval ships at anchor. Big guns pointing out to sea 16:58:33 General D’Esperey and staff land at Constantinople to complete the plans of occupation. 16:59:17 Goeben in Allied hands. Germany’s famous warship at anchor. 16:59:34 Crowds cheering - flags waved. Smiling sailors. LS - VIPs on balcony 17:00:09 American Red Cross in Trieste; Supplies unloaded at docks. Soup kitchen, men queue. Officers out of building, given flowers, into open top car. Crowds celebrate. 17:01:30 Alsace-Lorraine Free - French troops parade down crowd lined street. Group of children in traditional dress - Locals Destroy statue of horse / Kaiser? 17:02:46 French & German soldiers look at one another following Armistice. French troops parade down road.

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