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WWII - 1943, FDR Christmas Speech & Year’s Events

Reel Number: 220668-05

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1943

Country: Egypt Iran Russia Pacific ITalyGermany

Location: Cairo Tehran Moscow

TC Begins: 19:40:34

TC Ends: 19:49:32

Duration: 00:08:58

WWII - 1943, FDR Christmas Speech & Year’s Events On screen credit advises that the commentary on this film is an excerpt from President Roosevelt broadcast to the armed forces Christmas ,1943. Globe turning over montage of shots. 19:41:24 Moscow - Kremlin. Interiors Pact signed by Molotov - Anthony Eden & Cordell Hull. 19:41:47 Cairo Conference. Pyramids and Sphinx. Winston Churchill, President Roosevelt & Chiang Kai-shek seated in garden. Pan along military officers standing behind including General Marshall. 19:42:49 Animated map detailing Korea, Formosa & Manchuria. Graphic The Tanaka Memorial - Japan’s Dream of World Empire. Naval ships firing - US marines landing on Pacific island. Troops in jungle firing artillery. Aircraft drops bombs. Australian firing artillery. British forces. 19:44:12 Chinese flag. Chiang Kai-shek w/ troops. Flying tigers. 19:44;38 General Marshall visting w/ Gen. MacArthur and Admiral Nimitz. 19:44:54 Aircraft in flight AV Tehran. FDR, Churchill and Stalin seated in front of conference building. 19:45:36 Russian army firing artillery on Eastern Front. - snow - aircraft - explosion from bomb. Cossack troops. 19:45:49 Allied armies in Italy. Brief dogfight. General Eisenhower with Clark being driven in jeep across bridge. Bomb damaged buildings in Italy. Ike with Allied officers. Gen. Spaatz given decoration. Planes dropping bombs over Germany 19:46:52 Tehran Conference - three leaders seated on porch of building. Anthony Eden and Molotov join group. Montage German military might - parade and flypast. German children at play. Troops marching - Hitler ranting 19:48:00 Sword of Stalingrad presented to Stalin by Churchill. FDR inspects sword. Roosevelt voice over says he got along just fine w/ Stalin and thinks they will get along very well together in the future - praises Stalin for his determination and good humor. Montage allies - FDR speech says as long as these four nations stick together there will never be another World War. WW2; Presidential Speech;

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