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WWII - 1944, North Africa: Eisenhower & King George VI; De Gaulle

Reel Number: 220572-14

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1944

Country: Algeria,Tunisia

Location: Algiers,Lycee Frometein,North Africa,Tunis

TC Begins: 00:00:16

TC Ends: 00:10:48

Duration: 00:10:32

WWII - 1944, Tunisia: Eisenhower & King George VI Visit Rest Home, May44 Officers putting Flags on car in Tunisia as others watch. Eisenhower by plane w/ Admiral Cunningham. ing George VI & Ike walk towards car - in and away. Soldiers line road. Military on hillside above beach waving to camera. King George in car, talking w/ men and reviewing troops. King arrives by car in Naval uniform met by Naval officers, enters Royal Navy Canteen. Sentries on door. King takes leave, shakes hands w/ Naval officer. Ms Admiral Cunningham. 00:04:09 1943, Algeria: De Gaulle Leaving Meeting Of French Committee in Africa, Oct43. De Gaulle & others on porch of Lycee Frometein. Pose for camera on steps of building, Catroux and de Gaulle in foreground. Closer shot w/ Catroux, Gentilhomme, de Gaulle & Giraud. De Gaulle & Giraud conversing. General Georges talks w/ committee member. Gen Giraud enters car followed by Gen. Georges. De Gaulle into car & away. French Flag Flying. Senegalese troops on guard. Shot Lycee Frometein building. 00:05:40 Jun43. Generals De Gaulle and Giraud talking by plane. De Gaulle shaking hands & reviewing French troops. General Giraud decorating General Eisenhower, places sash over him & dubs with sword, kisses him on cheeks. Gens. Giraud, Ike & others salute flags. American troops march past in review. 00:06;47 Ships at sea. Ships in harbor. Unloading landing barge using roller type conveyor belt. Soldiers stacking supplies. 00:07:04 AV African coastline - B-17 in flight - bombs dropping away. 00:07:29 May44. De Gaulle & Giraud visit Delegation Financial - May 1944 Interior of committee room - Mr Robet addressing the French Financial Delegation. Giraud addresses delegation. De Gaulle addresses delegation. Members of committee applaud. De Gaulle & Giraud shake hands w/ members of committee. General Catroux addresses delegation. De Gaulle and others arrive and take stand (cuts). WW2 North Africa; Royalty Duties; Free French;

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