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WWII - 1945, Italy: Hanging of Mussolini, Death Aftermath. ca 28Apr45

Reel Number: 220685-01

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1945,1940

Country: Italy

Location: MILAN

TC Begins: 00:00:08

TC Ends: 00:09:10

Duration: 00:09:02

WWII - 1945, Italy: Hanging of Mussolini, Death Aftermath Crowds surrounding bodies laying on street, man with camera in foreground. Crowds, many with guns. Man holding up photograph. Bodies on street. Top shot huge crowds - jostling - scuffles. Body of Mussolini and Clara Petacci. Man in uniform standing over bodies making notes. Pan over bodies. Three bodies hanging from girder. WW2; 1940s; NOTE: Actual death thought to have occured 28Apr45.

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