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WWII - Colour, 1945, Germany: Potsdam Conference Arrival - Antwerp to Potsdam

Reel Number: 220643-08

Color: Colour

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1945

Country: Belgium,Germany

Location: Antwerp,Berlin - Gatow Airport,Brussels

TC Begins: 05:00:20

TC Ends: 05:16:50

Duration: 00:16:30

WWII - Colour, 1945, Germany: Potsdam Conference Arrival - Antwerp to Potsdam, Colour Pan City of Antwerp. President Truman & Sec. of State Byrnes aboard USS Augusta, the President waves to spectators on dock at Antwerp. Leaving Antwerp for the Evere Airport at Brussels - shots from jeep as it passes down street (jumpy). 05:01:22 Brussels' airport showing the 135th Infantry at attention / honor guard. Air Transport Command planes on airfield 05:01:43 AV Berlin, showing railroad yards, Olympic Stadium, etc. Aircraft lands on airfield. Allied flags flying Pres. Truman surrounded by secret service men exits plane. Travel shot along autobahn (jumpy) passing refugees. Road sign re leaving US Berlin District. 05:04:38 16th July 1945 Devastation in Berlin - buildings destroyed. Ruins of Reich Chancellery showing US soldiers stand in front of bldg. Interior shots showing damage. 05:06:28 Russian / Soviet tank on plinth which has been made into monument. Tracking shot bombed out buildings Two GIs walk down street with German girls - fraternization. More exterior Reichs Chancellery. Russian soldiers on the move through Berlin, wheeling carts with belongings. Russian banners and flags. Sign - HQ Berlin area - tracking shot down Unter Den Linden - Victory monument - Brandenburg Gate. Very jumpy. German girls pose before camera. Pres. Truman reviews the 2nd Armored "Hell on Wheels Division" currently occupying Berlin. Pan Band playing. GV Street scene, men & women pull carts thru streets (soft). Sign “Entering US Berlin District. 05:12:32 Babelsberg, Berlin suburb where the American conference delegates lived. 05.13.22 No.2 Kaiser Strasse (The Little White House) - exteriors and gardens and lake. 05:14:57 Winston Churchill leaving Little White House. Churchill, in civilian clothes and President Truman walk down steps smiling. Lord Louis Mountbatten ? and army officers down steps 05:15:39 Ceremony attended by Pres. Truman, Secretary Stimson & Generals Eisenhower, Bradley, Patton, Clay and Parks - American flag raised over Berlin. Gen. Patton & Pres. Truman. WW2; Germany;

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