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WWII - Russian Newsreel Material

Reel Number: 220676-04

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL and SD

Year / Date: 1940s

Country: EnglandUNITED KINGDOM,France,Germany,Japan,Russia,Ukraine,United Kingdom,USSR

Location: Babi Yar, Kiev. Ukraine,Berlin,London,Munich,Paris,Stalingrad

TC Begins: 09:42:24

TC Ends: 09:50:44

Duration: 00:08:20

WWII - Russian Newsreel Extracts Trial of SRs (Soviet revolutionaries) - CUs men listen w/ headphones, hands over eyes Si. 09:42:58 Tsarist troops - Orthodox priests conduct outdoor blessing ? 09:44:04 WWII sequences English narr. Russian fighting against Japan - tank advance - rockets fired - POWs. Zhukov signing Japan’s surrender document. Shellshocked German? soldier - explosions. Grieving Russian woman. 09:44:15 Babi Yar - ravine near Kiev where Jews massacred by Nazis Sep41 - bodies laid out in curved rows - CU skull. Khrushchev given key to city. 09:44:45 Aerials ruins of Stalingrad - Soviet victory celebrations among ruins - Khrushchev kisses army general & delivers victory speech MOS. 09:46:43 Nuremberg trial - CUs Goering leaning on one hand listening - Keitel - Jodl - Rosenberg, scratching nose and biting fingernails - Ribbentrop - Frank - CU Frank’s diary - Schirach - Hess, wiping brow - extract Hess making speech. 09:48:16 Fall of Berlin - Russian sign for Berlin. Brief shot Berlin’s Commandant Gen. Weidling - Red Army firing rockets in street - Soviet woman soldier handing out bread to Germans; soldier helping old man - VO says Red Army “saved all of Germany from the yoke of despised fascism”. Names on columns of Russian soldiers - graffiti. Liberated peoples, waves and cheers - pro-Soviet narration. 09:49:49 Munich Pact - Daladier and Chamberlain VO “perpetrators of the betrayal” - Mussolini & others signing - Mussolini, Hitler & Goering. Daladier & Chamberlain return home. Russia / USSR; Nazi Atrocities / War Crimes; Holocaust; WW2;

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