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1951 - Truman, President Asks Unity In State Of The Union Message; Seoul In Flames

Reel Number: 250043-10

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1951

Country: Korea,South Korea,USA,USSR

Location: DC,Seoul,Washington

TC Begins: 12:38:42

TC Ends: 12:43:26

Duration: 00:04:44

1951 - Truman, President Asks Unity In State Of The Union Message 12:38:487 President Truman at microphones before joint session of Congress, SOF: “As we meet here today American soldiers are fighting a bitter campaign in Korea. We pay tribute to their courage, devotion & gallantry. Our men are fighting alongside their United Nations Allies because they know, as we do, that the aggression in Korea is a part of the attempt of the Russian Communist dictatorship to take over the world step by step. We must take the leadership in meeting the challenge to Freedom, & in helping to protect the rights of independent nations. This country has a practical realistic program of action for meeting this challenge. First, appropriations for military build-up. Second, extension & revision of the Selective Service Act. Third, military & economic aid to build up the strength of the free world. Fourth, revision & extension of the authority to expand production & to stabilize prices, wages & rent. Fifth improvement of our agriculture laws to help obtain the kind of farm products we need for the defense effort. Sixth, improvement of our labor laws to help provide stable labor-management relations & to make sure that we have steady production in this emergency. Seventh, housing & training of defense workers & the full use of our manpower resources. Eighth, means for increasing the supply of doctors, nurses & other trained medical personnel critically needed for the defense effort. Ninth, aid to the states to meet the most urgent needs of our elementary & secondary schools. Tenth, a major increase in taxes to meet the cost of the defense effort. Let us all stand together as Americans. Let us stand together w/ all men everywhere who believe in Human Liberty. (applause) Peace is precious to us. It is a way of life we strive for w/ all the strength & wisdom we possess. But more precious than peace is Freedom & Justice. (standing ovation). 12:41:23 Repeat until: First, appropriations. BETTER SOUND for first part on repeat. 12:42:13 Title: Korean War - 1951, Seoul In Flames As Allies Quit Capital 12:42:19 Soldiers looking across & guarding Imjin river, machine guns, artillery. Soldier on radio, tanks along road, jeeps & trucks across bridge. Burning Seoul. Refugees w/ kids & belongings along cold roads. Goods checked w/ mine detectors. People crossing river on ice Korean War; 1951; Cold War; Anti-Communist; Presidential Speeches; Retreat;

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