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Israel; United Nations, 1948, Paris, France

Reel Number: 221546-10

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL and SD

Year / Date: 1948

Country: France,Israel,Palestine,USA

Location: Paris France,Rehovot,Tel Aviv,United Nations

TC Begins: 12:11:27

TC Ends: 12:17:31

Duration: 00:06:04

Israel; 3rd Session United Nations, 1948, Paris, France Eric Johnston sitting on desk speaking SOF: “I have just returned from Israel...& to report my conclusions to President Truman, & also to Governor Dewey. I was in the city of Haifa on the day of Count Bernadotte’s death (17Sep48); I had talked w/ him only a short while before he left for Jerusalem. He told me then, & I think Americans would like to know this, that the much publicized Bernadotte Plan, as submitted to the United Nations, was merely intended to be the basis for discussion. I brought back w/ me a film record of my journey in Israel & I thought perhaps you might want to see some of the things I saw; some of the things which made me believe so deeply in the new civilization which is developing there i Israel.” 12:12:24 MOS People looking across stony hilltop from behind sandbags. Johnston pointing & talking to woman (wife?) & Israeli soldier. 12:12:37 Jeep w/ Johnston & others driven by Moshe Pearlman (IDF spokesman) down steep road. Looking at walls of deserted (?) village. Walking along pipeline along dirt road & hay field. Two couples riding in jeep. Papers checked by soldier. Past sign along coast. 12:13:26 Coast road, Tel Aviv beach & Jaffa port across bay. Johnston talking with IDF Head of Operations Yigael Yadin, w/ sea & navy ship behind. 12:13:34 Johnston & woman walking w/ Ben Gurion; sitting & talking at outdoor table. 12:13:47 Johnston talking with Israeli Foreign Minister Moshe Shertok (Sharet) on porch. 12:13:57 US flag on modern building (Embassy?). Int. Johnston talking w/ ?? (American Ambassador?) 12:14:14 Johnston & wife standing w/ others. Talking in doorway w/ doctor, tilt up to Weizmann Institute of Science. Int. w/ scientist & others. 12:14:34 LS across valley w/ village at bottom of hill. Johnston beside church. CU looking at Hebrew sign “entry forbidden, holy place”. 12:14:47 Christian monk out of church in Jerusalem & shake hands; talking w/ Johnston & wife. Greek or ?? Orthodox priest talking w/ group. 12:15:02 Talking w/ Arab. Talking w/ others. Looking over hillside of houses. 12:15:21 - 05:15:35 Sitting on desk SOF repeats beginning of opening statement. 12:15:38 United Nations w/ Trygve Lie at desk. SOF: applause, man to podium, speaks in French of Count Before disappearing Bernadotte sent us his suggestions for a final settlement of the Palestinian problem. The French delegation is happy that these suggestions are put as a priority like the recommendations of Nov47. The establishment in Jerusalem of an international authority; this is the only way to preserve the holy places. Germany will be democratic only if could progressively normalize its economic activities first, then its political life w/o being brought down by poverty. There are already signs for a new way forward. 12:17:04 High angle shots of podium; ls from rear of hall; man returning to seat. Near East; Israel Palestine Debate; French Diplomat;

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