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News In Brief - Iowa (Hoover Library Dedication, 1962)

Reel Number: 221729-08

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1962

Country: USA

Location: Iowa,West Branch

TC Begins: 17:10:49

TC Ends: 17:12:01

Duration: 00:01:12

News In Brief - Iowa (Hoover Library Dedication, 1962) 17:10:54 Banner “Happy Birthday Mr. Hoover” w/ crowd beneath; crowd standing in sun in front of stage outside new Herbert Hoover Library. 17:11:05 Interior w/ displays; office. 17:11:16 People walking to look at small house, birthplace. People wave flags as Hoover follows President Truman along w/ others thru crowd for dedication. 17:11:30 Truman to microphone, crowd applauding, Hoover at rostrum speaking (MOS). Hoover receives awards & honorary degrees, crowd applauding. 10Aug62 Ceremony; Presidential Library;

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