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Post-WWII - 1949, USA Daily Life: New York City Central Park

Reel Number: 221738-05

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1949

Country: USA

Location: CENTRAL PARK,New York City,NYC

TC Begins: 11:47:32

TC Ends: 11:57:29

Duration: 00:09:57

Post-WWII - 1949, Daily Life: New York City Central Park Titles. 11:47:54 HA pans NYC & Central Park area. 59th Street w/ skyscrapers on one side & Central park on the other - traffic, taxis, hansom cabs / horse drawn carriages CUs. People sit on benches in park feed birds / pigeons. CUs. Boy feeding pigeon from hand. 11:49:20 Children riding in pony cart. Families at Children’s Zoo, little boy buys balloon; families & kids watch animals: chimpanzee spits at kids, Tiglon (half lion half tiger) lying in cage. Polar bears, feeding time, crowd around seals, feeding. 11:50:44 Traffic in Central park - shots across lake of skyscrapers. Boaters on lake; boy fishing. Woman fishing while baby sits in baby carriage / pram watching. Fly casting contest. 11:52:18 Bethesda Fountain. Belvedere castle weather observing station. Cleopatra’s Needle / oblisk 11:52:55 Audience seated in The Mall for Goldman Band (brief). President Truman making speech (not heard). Western / country square dancing. 11:53:25 Tavern on the Green w/ dancing. Hansom cabs along Albany Post Road - playing on tennis courts; softball played. 11:54:22 Pick-up half-court basketball games; kids play 11:54:30 Boys playing American football. 11:54:40 Recreational pony trekking / horse back riding. 11:54:56 (picture slug ca 1 second) Winter in the park. Horse drawn skiers & sleigh. Sledding & ice skating;building snowmen. 11:55:39 Spring, young woman walking small dogs. Mothers & children playing; playground, swings 11:56:21 Kids on bicycles - old men pitch horseshoes - play checkers / draughts. 11:56:40 Man on bench in sun, people sunbathing / relaxing on grass, talking, picnicking, 11:57:14 High angle of Central Park looking north. The End. Post-WW2; City Life; Americana; Propaganda; 1950s; 1940s; NOTE: Produced by Reorientation Branch of the Office for Occupied Areas.

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