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1932 - Feature Film Trailer: Hurricane Express, The

Reel Number: 221467-04

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1932

Country: USA

Location: West

TC Begins: 12:28:10

TC Ends: 12:34:24

Duration: 00:06:14

Hurricane Express, The - Trailer CU wagon wheel, text over “In Grandpa’s day life went like THIS 12:28:16 Line of covered wagons pulled by oxen & riders towards camera in MCU. 12:28:21 Six horses pull stage coach across screen at trot. 12:28:28 CU hooves thru ditch & coach bounces into it. WIPE to CU of spinning spiral. Text: “But TODAY it goes like THIS. Spiral. 12:28:37 LS over crowd of racecars around banked track coming close to camera, CU driver. 12:28:49 MS motor of tri-motor plane starting. Single engine amphibious plane landing on pontoons. 12:28:55 LS inboard wooden speed boats w/ man people on deck pulling several water ski riding on shoulders. View from boat pulling rider on surf board 12:29:08 CU railroad locomotive wheels w/ text: ACTION - HUSTLE - GET THERE QUICK 12:29:11 Runover shot of RR steam engine w/ black smoke. 12:29:15 Text: THE HURRICANE EXPRESS 12:29:21 CU Hand on telegraph key. Man listening on phone, repeats message to another taking notes. 12:29:42 MCU shocked blonde woman. 12:29:49 Locomotive towards camera, w/ black smoke. 12:29:54 Tri-motor in long shot; interior w/ two pilots & cabin interior visible. Woman runs to cabin, warns pilot (John Wayne) who looks out, sees trains below approaching each other. Train runbys, overhead, switch turned, Wayne grimaces in CU, wreck. 12:30:47 J. Farrell MacDonald as engineer w/ John Wayne beside locomotive (SOF). 12:31:17 Wayne choking railroad fireman. 12:31:26 CU engine seen from front racing along, black smoke; tri-motor plane, man firing tommy gun, people ducking. 12:31:44 Text: Thrills.... 12:31:50 Boxcar rolling down track chase by John Wayne (?) on motorcycle, jumps on board to rescue tied up ?? man, box car out of tunnel & off track & cliff towards camera. Train over bridge from water, man jumps. Open convertible touring car along road & turns onto railroad track. Seen crossing bridge over dry riverbed. POV alongside engine towards car on tracks. Man jumping between trains. Car over cliff & breaks up. Engine into building. POV car around mountain road. Fight in railyard. 12:32:46 Text: Who is the mysterious WRECKER? Ask Our....John Wayne w/ picture. Fascinating Shirley Gray... Tully Marshall... Car around mountain road & Wayne & ?? fighting. More titles & cast. A Mascot Serial; Feature Film; 1932; NOTE: One continuous minute sold at per reel rate.

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