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Civic Action in Guatemala, Nov-Dec 1962

Reel Number: 221100-08

Color: Colour

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1962

Country: Guatemala

Location: Guatemala City

TC Begins: 04:07:17

TC Ends: 04:16:15

Duration: 00:08:58

Civic Action in Guatemala, Nov-Dec 1962 29Nov62 EXT Old Governor's Palace of the Kingdom of Guatemala at Antigua; people in arcade alongside palace. Shots of poor section of Guatemala City showing shacks and a few people in street. Tracking shots past marketplace in poor section of the city; traders at different stands. CU tomatoes picked from stand. High shots Presidential Palace in Guatemala City & cathedral. Traffic through business section of city under signs inc. ‘Momentos de Decision’ & advert for James Stewart & John Wayne film ‘Un Tiro en la Noche’. Modern residential building. 04:10:46 30Nov62 INTs Presidential Palace - Col. Enrique Peralta, Guatemalan Minister of Defense, talking with Col. Harold H. Houser, Chief of US Army Mission to Guatemala. Col. Houser walking in corridor of palace & arriving by car. CU Guatemalan guard. 04:12:54 02Dec62 EXTs vaccination program at Villa Canales - long line of people waiting for their shots. VS men, women & children receiving vaccinations from pneumatic vaccinator. CU feet of people filing past in line, some barefoot. Sign on truck ‘Ejercito de Guatemala Accion Civica’ - red cross. Sign ‘Bi Envenidos Villa Canales’ - train in BG. LS people in village square. Central America 1960s. Travelogues. Street Scenes. Poverty. Medical Treatment - Immunisation. NB Some colour fading.

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