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WWII - 1945, Motion Pictures Entertaining Allied Troops, Brisbane, Australia

Reel Number: 221730-06

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1945

Country: Australia

Location: Brisbane

TC Begins: 19:35:01

TC Ends: 19:41:40

Duration: 00:06:39

WWII - 1945, Motion Pictures Entertaining Allied Troops, Brisbane, Australia Woman clerk writing on counter top as soldier or ?? enters; given 16mm motion picture fiber shipping case, signs for it & leaves. 19:35:40 Exterior of entrance w/ various office signs, soldier w/ case out & into army pickup truck. 19:35:58 Truck arrives at outdoor screening area w/ mounted screen & benches, tents in trees in background. Truck arrives at projection booth. 19:36:31 Booth interior w/ two 16mm film projectors, one running, soldier mounting reel & threading other projector. 19:37:27 MS of outdoor screen & speakers, soldiers on benches (daylight); army truck arrives w/ waving soldiers. 19:37:44 Three soldiers sitting on truck hood playing cards. 19:37:57 MCU soldiers reading, smoking, waiting for movies - some w/ arms draped around another. 19:38:11 MCU nurses / women in khaki arriving, wounded (?) sitting among. 19:38:29 John Wayne, two women & officer out of army sedan. Wayne poses between women. 19:38:54 Night, MCUs soldiers watching movie. 19:39:07 Daytime, MCU soldiers lsmoking while laughing, talking & reading Guinea Gold newsletter. 19:39:17 Wounded / injured soldiers walking to benches, some on crutches; others, Blacks & Whites arriving w/ stools. Sitting, talking. 19:40:10 Night, soldiers applauding; laughing. 19:40:36 Daylight. MCUs man / men watching, Blacks, Whites. Laughing, serious. Marines. WW2; Entertainment; Relaxation; Relaxing; Movie Stars; Actors; Celebrities; Celebrity;

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