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1920s - Germany: Rotor Ship Buckau in Kiel Harbor; 1920 Election Campaign Activity; Monorail

Reel Number: 300147

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1920s,1920

Country: Germany

Location: Keil Harbor,Weimar,Wuppertal

TC Begins: 01:00:04

TC Ends: 01:08:58

Duration: 00:08:54

1920s - Germany: Rotor Ship Buckau In Kiel Harbor; 1920 Election Campaign Activity; Monorail View from small rocking boat of each side of large anchored ship w/ two 50 ft tall rotors. CU of tall rotor & shipboard shots. 01:00:26 German Braunschweig-class battleship at anchor seen from Buckau & view on board Buckau. Slug 01:00:44 MCU Wilhelm Marx Chancellor of Germany (17May26 - 12Jun28) sitting at desk w/ papers; talking w/ Foreign Minister Gustav Stresemann. Slug. 01:00:58 German soldiers march goose stepping across plaza w/ large crowd watching as large black flag raised on flagpole. Military band & other troops march in review. 01:01:11 MS of crowd of VIPs in front of large columned building w/ flag w/ German eagle hanging in background. Front view to troops at attention w/ statues & monuments behind. 01:01:31 CU of man (Hermann Muller?) speaking at lectern decorated w/ boughs. Slug. 01:01:38 German troops & machine guns at plaza; people watch from behind barbed wire barrier. MCU troops, weapons on sidewalk w/ Reich War Flag on staff on building. Troops and armored cars w/ skull & cross bones insignia; CU turret w/ cannon turning. Armored car column leaving; trucks w/ soldiers in street throwing leaflets & businessmen retrieve. MS military handing leaflets, CU of German text large poster. Soldiers & civilians around field kitchen in street. Posing beside field cannon. POV thu waving crowd. Slug. 01:03:01 Civilians in front of building w/ sign Deutsche Sammelstelle on balcony above Kaiser Automat sign. Soldiers w/ rifles board truck; street activity of troops & crowds. Medical troops. Civilian crowd into office building / bank (voting?) 01:03:41 MCU 3 officers (French, Polish & British look at newspaper or ??). 01:03:47 POV from train past large steel mill w/ smoking chimneys. Animated map: Germany, Czecho-Slovakia, Poland w/ Warsaw, Lods, Cracow etc. & arrow to Oppeln (area where vote was taken - Prussia ca 1919). Slug. 01:04:20 High Angle / HA pan large crowd of civilian men in park standing, waiting, milling about. 01:04:33 Military in dress uniforms w/ flags marching into large stadium, large ceremony. Officers in Pickelhaube helmets leading others into stadium, men & women waving from concrete seats. Slug. 01:05:12 Tilt down tall masts of docked sailing ship, men working onboard; CU ornate ship’s wheel; cushioned chair; man holds ship flag w/ CU of Royal crest. CU china dishes w/ crest. Slug. 01:05:51 Crowd watching horse drawn wagons w/ signs: Wahit Wirtschafts-Partei; other campaign trucks. Leaflets, faces, trams /trollies & crowds of pedestrians. Slug. 01:06:14 HA People march w/ placards thru crowd lining street. Women & girls marching; HA groups filling large square outside government buildings. Slug. 01:07:20 Steel fabrication of large dirigible hanger; worker on hight truss. Slug. 01:07:39 - 01:07:48 Deteriorated nitrate. POV Wuppertaler Schwebebahn suspended monorail above street & river, passing one in opposite direction. Above streets & bridges crossing river. Slug. 01:08:32 Trolleys; passing truck w/ soldiers & leaflets. CU illustrated posters for various political parties. Well-dressed civilians waiting to vote . VIP w/ mustache leaving election polls; others leaving. 1920s; Flettner Ship; Transportation Inventions; Shipping; German politics; Political Demonstrations; 1920 Election ;

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