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1959 - Cold War, Germany: WWII Damage & Berlin Daily Life; Eisenhower Visit

Reel Number: H2062-07

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1959,1950s

Country: East Germany,Germany,USA,West Germany

Location: Berlin

TC Begins: 01:43:50

TC Ends: 01:53:34

Duration: 00:09:44

1959 - Cold War, Germany: WWII Damage & Berlin Daily Life Eisenhower Visit Storm clouds, lightning, rain on ground & on picture of Hitler & Goering. Ruins of buildings. Aerial over heavily damaged Kaiser Wilhelm Church, dissolve to new buildings in West Germany. Ground traffic shots & buildings; canal. 01:44:50 Turning globe & titles. 01:45:17 Destroyed Reichstag in ruins, eagle falls & breaks. Montage: LS marching Allied troops along street w/ heavily damaged buildings, people watching. Adenauer signing ??; NATO troops & flag raising. 01:45:44 Views of Brandenburg Gate & traffic w/ Communist soldiers. Signs: leaving sectors, troops at car. Men reading newspapers, talking. Gates closed on street. Sign: You are forbidden to proceed beyond this point. You are leaving American Sector. 01:46:45 US troops rifles inspected. Banner over street: Andrews Barracks Special Troops US Army Garrison, Berlin, military patrol cars entering / leaving. CU & POV in car patrolling. Stop & talk w/ West German policemen. 01:47:47 German troops training; parachuting. 01:48:35 POV past many tanks; convoy of tanks & ?? thru streets; setting up mortar; setting up very large rocket; missile on launcher fired. 01:49:29 Soldiers training w/ landing boats on river / canal & up riverbank. Shots of harbor & large freighters w/ tugboats. Dock cranes working. Steel mills & workers; metalworking, riveting; machine shop factory. Street sign: John Foster Dulles Allee. Street scenes, traffic, shopping automat, storefronts, military window shopping. Interior modern architecture / department store / shoppers. 01:51:37 Night traffic & neon lights. 01:51:52 26Aug59 Large four-engine jet airliner taxiing; President Eisenhower arriving Bonn, Germany, greeted by Adenauer, reviews soldiers. At microphones, SOF: “In the implementation of that determination, the American people stand by your side, and they send through me to you the German people, their very best wishes for your successful efforts.” 01:52:49 Motorcade thru streets lined w/ cheering waving crowds. Banner: 70,000,000 Germans rely on you. 01:53:16 CU Large bell ringing / replica of US Liberty bell. Abrupt end. Post-WW2 Germany; Destruction; Damage; 1950s; Propaganda; NOTE: Partial or entire sold at per reel rate.

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