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1953 - Cold War, Germany: WWII Damage & Berlin Daily Life

Reel Number: H2062-05

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1955,1950s

Country: East Germany,Germany,USA,West Germany

Location: Berlin

TC Begins: 01:30:47

TC Ends: 01:36:59

Duration: 00:06:12

1953 - Cold War, Germany: WWII Damage & Berlin Daily Life Flash slate: Camera, Sgt Bowling 26May53 LS Tiergarten Soviet War Memorial,w/ gutted Reichstag in BG. Russian Memorial from vars angles showing tank sculpture & statue of soldier. Closer shot Reichstag. Brandenburg Gate, sign in right foreground ‘You Are Now Leaving the British Sector’ - Communist USSR Red flag flies over Gate. 01:32:38 Park view across pond to rocky hilltop aka Rubble Hill.; men working. 01:32;58 Slate: same. Pedestrian past large billboard map Der Neue Tiergarten. CU. 01:33:19 Slate: same, 01Jun53. Families behind railing w/ West German policeman; military band leading French troops parading taking over guard duty, Spandau Prison. 01:33:43 Slate: same, date ?? Ruins of partial walls of large brick building, CUs. 01:34:08 Slate: same, date ?? Pedestrians crossing wide street, Ausburger Strasse traffic w/ trolleys / trams thru large Kurfustendamm, Kaiser Wilhelm Church in BG. 01:34:49 Slate: same, 01Jun53. Men & women digging & cleaning bricks in rubbled bullding. MCU of woman cleaning bricks. CUs. Man stacking bricks from large pile. CUs. 01:35:53 Slate: same 05Jun53. LS across road of government building / Schoenberg City Hall w/ clock tower. 01:36:14 Slate: same 05Jun53. Vegetable and fruit stalls in front of City Hall, older women shopping. MS & CUs of vegetables & buyers & sellers. Post-WW2 Rebuilding; Damage; Destruction; NOTE: Partial or entire sold at per reel rate.

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