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WW1 - Stock Newsreel & Fiction Film Excerpts (Paramount Newsreel Excerpts R1 of 2)

Reel Number: 300352-01

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1914,1910s

Country: England,France,Germany,Russia,United Kingdom,USA


TC Begins: 01:00:11

TC Ends: 01:07:10

Duration: 00:06:59

WW1 - Stock Newsreel & Fiction Film Excerpts Fiction film dramatic scene; poster of Sarah Bernhardt - 01:00:20 Excerpt from film, Bernhardt as Queen Elizabeth I. William Hart still. Slug. 01:00:46 01:13:12 Intertitle: “In Conversation w/ his friend Emperor Wilhelm I”. Kaiser w/ Franz Josef in hunting clothes talk in forest; w/ stags 01:00:08 01:13:33 Unid. Royalty / family boards naval ship. Formal dress, naval officers saluting. Slug. 01:01:48 01:14:10 Church being shelled / bombarded. Infantry advancing toward hillside forest under fire. Grenades thrown. 01:04:42 01:16:49 Pershing salutes parading troops in field. 01:04:46 01:16:53 Title: “Prince of Wales, King George & Queen Mary attending a baseball game in England”. CU seated in stands. No shots of game. 01:05:06 01:17:13 Title: “HMS Renown laying at anchor in Hudson... No pix Slug. 01:05:21 01:17:25 Pan US troops on board transport ship Leviathan, troops on ship alongside. Slug. 01:05:54 01:17:56 Damaged castle . High Angle / HA destroyed city / town; French troops march thru rubble / ruins. Troops on road w/ trucks pulling heavy artillery; column of trucks. 01:06:27 01:18:26 Battle scenes 1916 - Artillery / field gun firing. French troops go over the top from trench. Smoke & explosions as soldiers battle up hillside. Smoking craters; LS advancing. 01:07:07 01:19:03 ca 1920s / 1930s, French woman at Verdun war cemetery grave. War memorial visited by VIPs, 1930s or ??.. WW1; 1910s; Battlefield; Royalty; Stock Footage; WWI NOTE: Partial or entire sold at per reel rate. NOT SPEED CORRECTED.

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