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1953 - Germany: This Is Berlin - partial reel

Reel Number: 250070-49

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1953

Country: Germany,USA

Location: Berlin

TC Begins: 19:07:54

TC Ends: 19:13:30

Duration: 00:05:36

1953 - Germany: This Is Berlin - partial reel Slate: 05Jun53 This Is Berlin. Camera: Sgt. Bowling. Sign: Allied Control Authority Building (also in German & Russian). LS of Plaza w/ wide sidewalks & a few pedestrians. Four flags in front of building at end, statue in edge of frame. Flags on poles. 19:08:43 Slate: same. Pedestrians past shops & sidewalk cafe. MCU storefronts: Asia-Egypt ??, Odeon, Parfumerie & display cases. Odeon Record store display. Perfumerie & display kiosk. 19:09:53 Slate: same. Camera Sgt Bowling. Monumental sculpture outside Templehoff airport. School groups at base. MCUs. 19:10:57 Slate: same. Soldiers on steps of HQ 2nd Bn, 6th Inf Regt, Tempelhof. 19:11:16 LAS, Eagle statue on top of ??. CU window featuring geometric window display of silverware. Another store window showing fancy fruit, delicacies. 19:11:54 Slate: same. LS, Kaiser Wilhelm Church at end of street. 19:12:02 Slate: same. Ext, HQ Compound, US HQ, Berlin. CU, guard at gate as he waves vehicles by. CU, sign on fence: "Berlin HQ Compound". Building, probably US Consulate. 19:13:09 LAS, seal: "Consulate, United States of America". Two soldiers down steps. Slate: 06Jun. Cold War; 1950s; Berlin, Germany; NOTE Balance missing.

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