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Nazis Strike, The R1 of 4

Reel Number: 221216-01

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1933

Country: Austria,Belgium,England,France Czechoslovakia,Germany,USA UNITED KINGDOM

Location: Nuremberg Munich

TC Begins: 15:00:01

TC Ends: 15:10:21

Duration: 00:10:20

The Nazis Strike Why We Fight series #2 15:01:04 History: Stills with superimposed quotes from German leaders including Bismark, Kaiser Wilhelm, Hitler re world domination. Nazi eagle statue. 15:02:08 1933 Nuremberg rally - good shots show vastness of stadium. Hitler past troops massed. 15:02:47 Flashback, WWI War graves. Mustard gas casualties walk in line - famine, bodies. Building collapsing in flames; grief, CU child crying, executions, people hanged. 15:03:13 Hitler on Nuremberg rally podium, trumpets, marching, banners, salutes. CU Hitler superimposed over cinema footage Mongol leader Genghis Kahn, map of asia w/ conquered lands. 15:04:14 Munich (Think Tank) Centre for Study of Geo-politics ext. & int. Still of Karl Halshofer. People at files, studying maps and photographs. (GOOD) Nazis enter building. Students in lecture hall. 15:05:03 Animated map on globe changing to show proportions of land mass & seas. Montage of world’s wealth, people working, natural resources, oil, timber, mines, farm animals, agriculture and manpower. 15:05:45 Man w/ gun overlooking manual labor carrying soil, leveling land. Map splitting into Western hemisphere & Europe, Asia and Africa. Animation showing Hitler’s plan for World domination. 15:07:19 Hitler at Nuremberg, crowds salute, district leaders swear allegiance. Hitler blesses flags & pennants. Map & newspaper headlines of recent wars. Hitler in railway carriage laughing with Goering. Studying maps. Hitler on dockside watching passenger ship leave. Hitler youth on deck of ship. Von Ribbentrop out of car, Degrelle of Belgium Rexist Party; Conrad Henlein in Czechoslovakia, Seyss-Inquart in car in Austria, Oswald Mosley in Britain speaking at rally. 15:09:29 Fascist riots in France, Belgium, turning cars over, fighting. 15:09:51 German-American Bund meeting in Madison Square Gardens. Fritz Kuhn at microphones. Heckler beaten by loyal party members.

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