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WWI - 1914, Europe: Archduke Ferdinand Assassination; Troops; Trenches; Paris Taxis

Reel Number: 300349

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1914,1910s

Country: Austria,Bosnia and Herzegovina,France,Germany,Turkey

Location: kiel,Paris,Sarajevo

TC Begins: 01:00:12

TC Ends: 01:09:11

Duration: 00:08:59

WWI - 1914, Europe: Archduke Ferdinand Assassination; Troops; Trenches; Paris Taxis CU Bow of German battleship pan to cocked liner in port, Kiel . 01:00:21 Archduke Franz Ferdinand & woman exiting carriage greeted by military officers in field . 01:00:30 Various sized ships of German fleet underway in heavy & smooth seas. 01:00:52 Unidentified three military couples posing & walking, laughing in dress uniforms & dresses outside large home. 01:01:04 1914 superimposed over unid. officers in formal dress reviewing troops lining street w/ trees & large building in background. 01:01:11 Archduke Franz Ferdinand receiving award from Kaiser Wilhelm in formal ceremony outside curtained entrance; Kaiser w/ civilian VIPs in formal dress greeting Archduke. 01:01:25 Archduke leading Austrian cavalry units on large field w/ government building in background; light artillery passing. On horseback talking to women & 3 children in carriage 01:01:52 Kaiser & Franz Ferdinand walk, pose w/ several stags & talk after hunt. 01:02:13 Title card: Chapter III. “Ferdinand assassinated - Austria declares war on Serbia - Russia mobilizes against Austria - Germany declares war on Russia - then France - England declares war... 01:02:26 Newspaper page w/ headlines. Still photos of assassination & CU of bloody uniform. 01:02:38 Priest blessing two flag-draped caskets on bier on dock, military saluting & naval fleet in background. Priests leading procession w/ caskets in funeral carriage; military carrying into church. 01:03:01 Montage of English-language newspapers front pages re possible war. 01:03:32 Montage: crowd of people waving straw hats etc outside government building, passing car w/ Archduke & wife, crowd watching & troops parade past leading women in carriage. Troops of various nations parade in review; troop units gathered & cheering. Troops marching off to war w/ women alongside. 01:05:19 Montage: CU poster: Ordre de Mobilisation Generale. French troops march past civilians watching. Troops marching, reviewing & other posters. German troops march on rural road past Kaiser reviewing Long line of troops march past on town cobblestones. German & English headlines & posters re war. 01:06:32 High Angle /HA American or British troops march past crowds; marching band leading marching volunteers; mounted officers reviewing on dusty field. 01:06:57 MS Turkish officers & leaders out of building, MS ?? in carriage & leaving. 01:07:11 MS Enver Pasha & Russian officer into car and leaving. 01:07:18 Troops marching along dock; troops onboard ship. War caricatures re Rape of Belgium. Soldiers marching past ruins of city buildings, church. Refugees in carts & wagons on country road. 01:07:48 Montage: Officers in forest looking at map. Firing large artillery from rocky ridge w/ snow patches. Encampment w/ tents, crates, packs & soldiers eating. Troops moving along gravel road in trucks and horse-drawn wagons in rain. Marching on dry road; Marching in review on field. 01:08:17 Montage: Officers down steps & pose for picture. LS massed troops on field; troops reviewed; German officers along road; soldiers in barbed wire-protected trench; in sandbagged trench, firing rifles. French posting / flyer; Parisian taxis w/ soldiers to Front WW1 Cause; 1910s; Battlefield; Royalty; NOTE: Partial or entire sold at per reel rate. NOT SPEED CORRECTED.

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