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WWII - 1944, France: Cherbourg, Gateway To Victory; Shuttle Bombing; Liberty Ship Launching; Fifth War Bond Campaign. Jul44

Reel Number: 221746-08

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1944

Country: France,Russia,Ukraine,USA,USSR

Location: California,Cherbourg,New York City,NYC,Richmond,Ukraine

TC Begins: 05:12:44

TC Ends: 05:20:37

Duration: 00:07:53

WWII - 1944, France: Cherbourg, Gateway To Victory; Shuttle Bombing; Liberty Ship Launching; Fifth War Bond Campaign. Jul44 Montage: tanks across field, artillery firing, explosions, burning wreckage, capturing German prisoners of war; street fighting from ground & church (?) tower, soldiers run thru streets, into doorways, civilian running across railroad tracks, snipers firing, CUs. Dead Germans in street & doorway. Armored vehicle past rubble in street. 05:13:51 CU Allied soldier steps on framed picture of Goering; body of German soldier. 05:13:55 Aerial view of Cherbourg docks w/ smoke rising from bombs. LS smoke rising from city. Allied artillery firing across harbor to city. 05:14:17 Lighting M1A1 Bangalore Torpedo & explosion by railroad tracks. German pillbox w/ surrender flag; POWs out of submarine (?) pens at gunpoint; CU wounded face of Allied w/ gun watching Germans. Medic bandages wounded German, CU Red Cross nurse. 05:14:48 26Jun44 German Nazi General Karl-Wilhelm von Schlieben & others walk to surrender. MCU Admiral Hennecke wearing Iron Cross. MCU Major General Joseph Collins. All pose outside. 05:15:17 MCU German soldiers w/ arms on head; MLS marching off down road & thru gate into field, running across field. 05:15:42 “Wives of Russians who joined up w/ the Nazis” crying, MCUs. LS thru barbed wire, brief shot of picture of Hitler hanging from wire. Food passed out to prisoners. 05:16:15 View of heavily damaged harbor; view of railroad cars in station filled w/ large mines. Camouflage nets over site w/ rails to launch robot bombs. Repairing railroad bridge. 05:16:42 30Jun44 HA of Allied troops marching in; MS of people applauding, flags. General Collins on armored vehicle to City Hall. Close up applauding, Mayor Paul Renault speaking (MOS). Collins presents flag. CU smiling, laughing soldiers & French. 05:17:40 Title: Europe Shuttle Bombed. Aerial of two B-17 4-motor bombers over mountains; two P-38s against clouds; bombers dropping bombs. View from plane of bombs falling; explosions. Russians on ground in Ukraine watching planes landing, crew out & shaking hands. Ambassador Harriman & General Aker watch Russian military sword dancers & others entertain. CUs of military. 05:18:45 Title: S.S. Benjamin Warner is Launched. Model of Statue of Liberty unveiled w/ crane. Henry Kaiser gives Lita Warner large rose bouquet, Jack & Harry Warner sign ship, CU name on Liberty ship of father. Champagne bottle broken, ship slides down ways into water, people wave. 05:19:31 Title: Dewey Family Portrait. Presidential candidate seated w/ mother, wife & her parents. CUs. 05:19:57 Title: Bonds For Liberty. Ships, LCT w/ Treasury Department minesweepers in Hudson River, helicopter overhead to Statue of Liberty. Immigrants in ethnic clothes buying bonds. CUs. The End. WW2; France; Ukraine; 1944 Election Campaign; Motion Picture Studio Executives; Warner Brothers; War Bonds; Economics; NOTE: Any or all sold at per reel rate.

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