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1950s - Documentary: Unconquerable Tibet

Reel Number: 221555-01

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL and SD

Year / Date: 1957,1960s,1950s

Country: China,India,Tibet

Location: Lhasa,New Delhi

TC Begins: 02:00:14

TC Ends: 02:09:32

Duration: 00:09:18

Unconquerable Tibet 02:00:21 Pan over cloud enshrouded mountains. Village on mountainside; men working field on slope; village, goats; baby & mother; baby played with. 02:01:01 Pan over trees in bloom, farmer burning sacrifice; men w/ oxen help till, women seeding field. Loaded ponies on mountain road. 02:01:41 People welcome riders. LS Lhasa; MS Potala Palace w/ balconies & MCU ornate carvings, statues. Monks & Dalai Llama. CU 02:02:36 Costumed dancers under canvas tent celebrating opening new roads; drummers. 02:02:50 Large temple; monks march w/ flutes, bowls, gong. Buddhist statue. People praying. People around monk reconstructed from broken fragments. 02:03:26 Truck convoy across high plain on gravel road. 02:03:37 Soviet flag put on top of peak in wind. Smiling monk w/ Chinese & ?? Communist leaders, Mao & ?? trade gifts, walk along rail platform w/ Zhou Enlai. 02:04:02 Large Asian conference. Zhou Enlai w/ others at table. Moslems (?). Yemen delegates; Nehru. Flags flying. 02:04:37 Dalai Lama (?) out of plane visiting India. British troops. Nehru, ?? & Dalai Lama, Panchan Lama formal dinner. Receiving floral wreaths in New Delhi. Speaking to large crowds. 02:05:30 Aerial over Himalayan Mountains. Chinese workmen making road along mountain side cliffs. 02:06:08 Aerials thru clouds & past Potala Palace. Decorations & details, ext. & interiors. 02:06:18 Prison & barbed wire, concentration camp & cast statue. 02:06:27 India protest march w/ placards against Chinese outside Embassy. Monks march & lay wreaths and flowers at Gandhi’s shrine. MCUs praying. 02:07:37 Officials in jeeps past. Dalai Lama walking w/ many army soldiers exchanging scarfs. People watching. Motorcade & large crowd. Dalai Lama mounts platform & waves to crowd. 02:08:55 Carved stone Buddhist statues; texts. Prayer wheel, incense, prayers, monks. The End. Oriental Religion; Religious persecution; Leaders; Enlightenment; 1957 ca; 1950s; 1960s; NOTE: Edited material; choppy unusable sound track.

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