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Reel Number: 221265-06

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1944

Country: India,Pakistan

Location: Mysore

TC Begins: 15:55:24

TC Ends: 16:06:20

Duration: 00:10:56

India March of Time Forum Edition main title missing Hindus, Moslems. 15:55:41 Sign: Entry inside the temple w/ shoes or any kind of footwear is prohibited... Blind beggar, bathing in Ganges. Procession thru street while talking of reincarnation. Man prays on dock. Body burned on log fire. Caste system & untouchables washing in ghetto. Cattle move thru streets. People sweep street, break rocks, market & weighing vegetables. Sheep on sidewalks; men talking. 15:58:17 Prince out of large palace. Banner “Long Live our Maharaja”, elephant & retinue following wealthy. People watch. 15:59:14 Post WWII speakers. Pages turn w title: India Proposals, Dominion Status After War.... Speaker & crowds. 16:00:01 Gandhi w/ retinue out of house. Nehru at mic talking to All India Nationalist Party, others leaders. Pakistan flag. Mohammed Ali Jinnah talking at desk. Map showing Moslem state proposed. 16:01:25 Sign: Hindu Mahasabha (Presidential Office) & leaders speaking. Working the fields, planting rice & plowing mud with oxen. Women at well, school. Painted priests. 16:02:22 Police w/ canes beat demonstrators. Lady Irwin College, New Delhi & classes of women. Men in class. Labors work in warehouse & at textile mills. Train into station. Sign: Mysore & street scenes. 16:03:52 Trade show or exposition & people viewing exhibits. Mill & paper packaged. Dam w/ guards & shots of river w/ water released into canal 16:04:59 Sign: Tandomastikhan Fall. Aqueduct w/ water in desert. Village & outdoor school w/ boys doing crafts. LS of beaches & crowded streets. Nehru speaking, men listening. Gandhi walks w/ others. The End. 1940s India; Progress / Modernisation; British Colonialism; End of Empire; Poverty; Post-WW2;

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