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India - Forum Edition - Reel 2

Reel Number: 220789-19

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1946

Country: India

Location: Mysore

TC Begins: 05:39:21

TC Ends: 05:46:38

Duration: 00:07:17

India - Forum Edition, Reel 2 Political rally. Book turning re British proposals for Dominion Status after WWII. Mahatma Gandhi walking with others. Pandit Nehru making speech at outdoor rally of the Congress party. Mohammed Ali Jinnah at table. Map of India. Meeting of Hindu Mahasabha who oppose the Muslims, Congress and the Raj. 05:41:46 Rural India, rice cultivation in paddy fields. Sign, Cleanliness is 2nd to God. Village life. Family life, eating in circle. 05:42:31 Street riot, British and Indian police beat rioters. 05:42:46 Women students at Lady irwin College. Interior classes in progress, mothercraft. Boys in engineering class. Workers going to factories. Industry. Cotton mills. Passenger train. 05:43:42 Mysore railway station, modern buildings, architecture. Trade exhibition. 05:44:19 Industrialisation - interior paper mill, finished paper packed. Hydroelectric dam, irrigation system. Dam at Tandomastikhan Falls. Irrigation channels through land. 05:45:26 Village, poverty. Crowd scenes in cities and coast to show over population. Outdoor political meeting. Nehru at microphone. Gandhi walking down road with small group.

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