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International Zone: The Flags Are Not Enough - The Widening Gap Part 1 of 3

Reel Number: 221214-06

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1960

Country: India,USA

Location: New York City,South America

TC Begins: 12:52:26

TC Ends: 13:01:42

Duration: 00:09:16

International Zone: The Flags Are Not Enough - The Widening Gap Part 1 of 3 United Nations / UNESCO production for UNTV with Alistair Cooke 12:52:59 Introduction re one third born into comfort, two thirds born into want. “During the next half hour another 5000 humans will join us on this earth...”. Title: Reporting on the United Nations Development Decade: The Widening Gap. 12:53:49 Cooke to camera re “the two thirds of the human race that are usually sick & always close to starvation...the gap is widening”. Musical montage comparing Third World to West. Children queuing for food & affluent American kids w/ full refrigerator, clean running water; cooking; modern combine harvesting; Oxen pulling plow. 12:55:47 NYC lit up at night, VO “all the power generated in India could not run New York City” - VO points out that deprived peoples now aware of how the rich third live. Traffic. Camel, CU plane engines. 12:56:27 International flags flying outside UN building NYC. INT Paul Hoffman of UN behind desk - SOF re understanding poverty only by seeing it first hand, quotes Gandhi; shots of Indian peasants & peasants in deserts / city in North Africa? Street scenes in clay village. 12:57:31 Woman in heavy black burkah harvesting plants in desert area. Group of Afghanistan ? peasant farmers watch demonstration of new equipment by White UN workers ? scything crop; farmers examine new equipment. Hoffman SOF re need for “insurance against disaster” & help from governments; avoidance of “any more bloody revolutions”. 12:59:03 Cut back to Cooke VO. Aerial over mountain landscapes & undeveloped rainforest, rivers etc. Sugar cane harvest in South America. Indian farmer plowing field; statistics re number living off land in poor regions of world. Africans harvest using ancient methods. Peruvian women in Andes use Roman mining method shoveling dirt into small rail car; breaking rocks. Oil refinery. Western Industrial Crane, men dropping heavy stone to pack earth. Construction. VO by 1970 “300 million more people in the underdeveloped world” - African women unload fruit from baskets on head. 1960s defined by UN as “Development Decade”. Third World Aid; Poverty; Charity; Economics; Politics; Globalisation; Colonialism;

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