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Mahatma Gandhi

Reel Number: 221168-04

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1955,1910s,1940s

Country: England,India,Pakistan,United Kingdom,USA

Location: Bombay,Karachi,London,Madras,New York City

TC Begins: 12:33:32

TC Ends: 12:52:11

Duration: 00:18:39

Mahatma Gandhi Encyclopaedia Britannica Films United Nations flag lowered to half mast 13Jan48 after Gandhi’s assassination; brief shot mourners around Gandhi’s body; UN Assembly. Many stock shots Gandhi - Indian temples. VO gives historical background. Still photo of Gandhi as young law student. CU sacred Indian text - Hindu temples - ancient carvings - Bible pages turning. Mourners over body. Gandhi in robes greeting crowds of followers. 12:38:16 Funeral of Indian Congress Party leader Lokmanya Tilak, 1920. Meeting of Congress Party w/ CUs new leader Gandhi at microphone; huge crowd of Hindus in white robes; Indian women working. Gandhi at spinning wheel, VO re “Homespun Movement” to stop most Indian cotton going to England; equal rights for women. Madras Congress. 12:39:00 1928 Calcutta Congress during Indian boycott of English goods. 1930 Gandhi speaking re British tax on salt MOS. Salt March in progress, crowds in white, marchers reach the sea. Gandhi breaks law by distilling salt. Riot police quel demonstration in city - poster ‘Gandho-Irwin Agreement Signed’. 12:42:57 Karachi Congress. Gandhi leaves Bombay on SS Rajputana for England - laughing as he plays w/ baby. Gandhi at Round Table Conference in London. Demonstrations against Viceroy’s harsh rule in India - officials in Colonial hats. Jawaharlal Nehru. Rioting. Gandhi returns. Vars shots of Gandhi & followers during campaign for equality for the “untouchables”. 12:44:48 Gandhi fasting after arrest - more demonstrations. Gandhi out of prison. Women spinning cotton in long line. Rural village - Gandhi receiving visitors in one-room adobe hut. Gandhi back in politics 1938 - Congress leader Chandra Bose - VO re opposition to policy of non-violence. Bose & followers. 12:47:20 22Mar42 Gandhi & Congress members meeting Sir Stafford Cripps re new Indian Constitution. Top shots street demonstrations. Funeral of Gandhi’s wife. Gandhi out of prison after fast looking weak. 12:48:45 12Aug46 Nehru reviews troops at frontier upon formation of new government. Gandhi visiting Muslim region. 12:49:48 15Aug47 Indian Independence, British withdrawal. Troops onto ship SS Georgic, dock scenes. Neon light display Indian flag. Gandhi w/ family - VO re assassination 30Jan45. 12:51:19 Funeral procession for Gandhi - body burned - ashes scattered - UN flag. Peace & Anti-war Protests; Demonstrations; Independence; British Empire; Colonialism; Imperialism NOTE: One continuous minute sold at per reel rate.

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