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Misc. India 1950s & 1960s

Reel Number: 220809-15

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1966

Country: India

Location: Agarpara

TC Begins: 15:16:19

TC Ends: 15:23:17

Duration: 00:06:58

Misc. India 1950s & 1960s India - Telenews 1950s (?) High angle street scene w/ trolleys, buses, soldiers & civilians on street. Agarpara station. Int. of building w/ ruins after bombing (?). Soldier guarding wrecked & damaged buildings after a Hindu-Moslem riot. Indian troops, line of parked jeeps, patrol streets. People watching, trucks loaded w/ civilians guarded by soldiers. Trucks past. CUs Indian women with children. 15:17:37 Slug. 15:17:46 Ext. large modern building. Int. Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru into meeting w/ India's Planning Commission; CU book cover: The Third Five Year Plan. (1961-1966) Nehru & others signing. 15:18:38 Slug. 15:18:51 19th Century (?) ornate building. CU carvings & architectural detail. 15:19:10 Many Indians bathing in river Ganges; man dancing in trance (?). Woman & traditional dancing, man performing ritual w/ pins thru tongue, four men standing on heads, Yogis?. Religious festival (?). 15:19:35 CU two cobras in basket. Snake charmer, mongoose battles snake, captures & kills biting neck. 15:19:58 Elephant w/ native rider. Life size carving of elephant, ornate building. Water buffalo bathing in river, farmers. Ox carts thru flooded road; men walk along washed out RR trestle carrying produce. Refugees in makeshift camp; baby & Doctor w/ stethoscope; nurses & women & children. Women carry water pots on heads. Primitive irrigation. Village life. VS, farming land w/ primitive methods. 15:21:13 City street scenes, traffic & pedestrians, little girl carries baby. 15:21:29 Workers make bicycle handlebars; repair radios, sew & string beads, Indians celebrate at wedding feast. Little boy has head shaved. Hindus at worship. Indian Moslems at prayer. 15:22:44 Crowd. Int. Nehru addressing Parliament. Crowds cheer Mahatma Gandhi; walks thru cheering crowd. 15:23:03 Parade - elephants w/ decorated howdahs, military parade, troops & tanks. India / Pakistan Relations; 1960s; 1950s; Indian Government;

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