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News In Brief - Asian Conference

Reel Number: 221230-11

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL and SD

Year / Date: 1947

Country: India

Location: New Delhi

TC Begins: 18:14:09

TC Ends: 18:15:04

Duration: 00:00:55

News In Brief - Asian Conference Tower of old fort, Indians on walk entering; soldiers moving them. CU of four delegates of those 10,000 attending the Inter-Asian Relations Conference from 21 Asiatic countries talking; others smiling for camera. Woman smoking & staring at camera. LS of people entering huge tented space in old fort. Mrs Sarojini Naidu arrives. Delegation from Bhuttan seated listening w/ placard. Woman President Naidu speaking at microphone of Chicago Radio. LS of seated delegates listening. Post-WW2; Post-WWII Conference; Independence Movement; Gandhi (not seen);

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