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United Nations And World Disputes (main title missing) Pt. 1 of 2

Reel Number: 221469-03

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1940s,1950s

Country: India,Indonesia,Israel,Netherlands,Pakistan,Palestine,USA


TC Begins: 02:30:03

TC Ends: 02:40:45

Duration: 00:10:42

United Nations And World Disputes (main title missing) Pt. 1 of 2 Diplomats into & signing United Nations Charter in San Francisco, 1945, w/ circular table. Big Five leads... Truman watches Stettinius sign. 02:30:35 General Assembly (Lake Success?). 02:30:45 Map of SE Asia. Indonesian people working, copra, rice, polishing shells. Oil drilling. Mass of people. Sukarno (?) at microphone. Dutch military operations. 02:31:35 Jul47 Security Council meeting on Netherlands & Indonesia. Truce signing Jan48. Dec48 fires, refugees. Security Council in Paris meeting. Round table conference w/ Netherlands & Indonesia in The Hague. CU signing paper. Handshaking. Map of Indonesian islands. 02:33:27 27Dec49 The Hague w/ Queen Juliana signing sovereignty over to Indonesia. CU of signature page. Sukarno at Djakarta inducted as President, thru streets. 02:34:07 Map of India. Montage: truck up winding road, rice paddy, rice harvesting, grinding grain, sisal, streets, textile mill, Colonial building. Gandhi walking thru streets & crowds. Ali Jinnah riding in carriage. Nehru speaking (MOS) at Independence 02:35:21 LS Lake Success w/ flags, delegates of India & flag flying. Map showing Pakistan, Kashmir, India. Ali Jinnah at Independence & flag raising. Map showing Jammu & Kashmir. Gandhi at mic & reviewing military. Troops in mountains. Artillery firing, explosions, fires. 02:36:55 Security Council meeting. Adm. Nimitz meeting w/ representatives to administer plebiscite. 02:37:18 Prime Minister Liaquat Ali Khan sitting on couch w/ Nehru 02:37:28 Map of Middle East. Street scenes; Jewish settler’s house, farm field; fruit picking & packing. 02:37:57 General Assembly meeting, voting. 02:38:14 UN cars traveling in Palestine, shaking hands at fence. Map showing Gaza, West Bank & Israel. 02:38:37 Fighting, fires in street, people crossing barbed wire carrying goods. Bombing aftermath w/ fires, many people. 02:39:02 Palestine ?? building w/ UN flag; group posing w/ Count Folke Bernadotte w/ Arabs & Jews. Ext. of hanger after assassination w/ VIPs. Loading coffin. Fighting, treating wounded. Road near Jerusalem & fighting. Ralph Bunche as mediator & others at square conference table. Signing by Yigael Yadin in uniform & others (Armistice Agreement w/ Egypt signed in Rhodes 24Feb50). 02:40:21 Soldiers up hillside steps w/ Israel flag; on top of ?? & Independence celebration. Flag raising at Lake Success, New York United Nations headquarters. Post-WW2; Post-WWII History; Diplomacy; Diplomats;

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