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League of Nations - Seventh Assembly – Special Session, 08Mar26

Reel Number: 220588-03

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1926

Country: Switzerland

Location: Geneva

TC Begins: 15:18:59

TC Ends: 15:28:07

Duration: 00:09:08

League of Nations - Seventh Assembly – Special Session, 08Mar26 Session on admission of Germany to League. Ext. Beau-Rivage Hotel, Geneva. Crowds outside hotel as Delegates arrive - press photographers. German Chancellor Hans Luther & Foreign Affairs Minister Stresemann pose. 15:20:05 Skrynski, Poland talking w/ ??. 15:20:24 Council session. Good. 15:20:39 Ishii, Japan; Briand, Loucheur & Paul Bancour all of France. Austen Chamberlain. 15:21:22 Scialoja, Italy; De Leon, Spain & Benes, Czechoslovakia; Mello Franco, Brazil; Vandervelde aka Vanderwelde, Belgium. 15:22:22 POV from car past pedestrians walking on lake front beneath heavily pruned trees; cars parked & driving. Geneva seen across water. Very GOOD. 15:22:49 Title: Count Bethlen, Hungary, posing. Robert Cecil, South Africa, talking to two women. Crowd outside watching. 15:23:33 Title: Da Costa, Portugal, w/ others. Int. of assembly floor w/ delegates; various speakers. GOOD. 15:26:46 Title: After the meeting. Newsreel cameramen filming as delegates leave, talk on sidewalk, trolley past. Very GOOD. Diplomats; International Diplomatic Organization; Street Scenes, Geneva, Switzerland; 1920s; 1926;

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