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War Clouds Darken Europe

Reel Number: 221107-13

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL and SD

Year / Date: 1939

Country: Albania,Czechia,Czechoslovakia,England,Finland,Finland UNITED KINGDOM,France,Germany,Poland,United Kingdom,USA

Location: Berlin,DC,helsinki,London,Prague,Washington

TC Begins: 16:10:35

TC Ends: 16:14:43

Duration: 00:04:08

War Clouds Darken Europe Nazi troops march into Czechoslovakia Mar39 - Prague? - crowd lining streets, some give Nazi salute. Albanian King Zog reviews military - Italian occupation of Albania Apr39 - troops off ship - tanks & trucks through streets w/ Bersaglieri in feathered helmets. 16:11:12 Sd. Hitler addressing Nazi Party conference - Goering on podium - standing ovation w/ “Heil Hitler” Nazi salutes etc. 16:11:23 Si. German warships fire on Poland? - huge explosions across coastline. Tanks through countryside - amphibious tanks roll ashore. 16:12:08 Chamberlain in Parliament brief. Anti-aircraft gun set up outside Big Ben - air raid shelter construction - British troops marching - young evacuees at train station. People on deck of US freighter City of Flint captured by Germans Oct39. 16:12:43 French troops march through village towards front brief. German war preparations - troops march into bunker marked ‘Werkgruppe Scharnhorst Panzerwerk 1238’ - heavy guns fired. 16:12:55 ‘US Seeks Neutrality’ - Capitol - Congress in session - FDR in Oval Office signs Neutrality Act & shakes hands w/ senior politicians. 16:13:07 Fighter planes in flight - bomb damage - Finland? Biplane lands on aircraft carrier. LS ship split in two & sinking. Wounded in bunk - rescued seamen given food. Body wrapped in US flag. 16:13:55 Molotov making speech; Stalin listening; applause. Soviet fighter planes over Finland - drop paratroops - fighting at front - bomb damage inc. crashed plane in Helsinki - civilians run for cover. NB Very little sound - not usable. WWII. Prewar US.

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