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WWII - 1945, Germany: Death Knell For Germany. Apr45

Reel Number: 250081-06

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1945

Country: Germany,USA

Location: GodesbErg,Saarbrucken

TC Begins: 16:28:10

TC Ends: 16:30:42

Duration: 00:02:32

WWII - 1945, Germany: Death Knell For Germany. Apr45 Godesberg citizens rounded up, w/ possible weapons outside sign for Allied Military Government, questioning, weapons turned in. 16:28:39 US military jeeps to hotel, GIs looking in hotel where Hitler & Chamberlain met in 1938; look out over Rhine River. M4 Sherman tank armed w/ T34 rocket launcher, firing in quick sequence. Smoking city; 7th Army GIs marching thru & question civilians & prisoners. 16:30:02 CU General Iron Mike O’Daniels, jeeps into city. Nazi sign: Saarbrucken. Debris; tanks thru heavily damaged city. WW2; Apr45; Fighting; Weapons;

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