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1910s - USSR: Revolution w/ VIPs, Fighting & Vladivostok (1917-1918)

Reel Number: 300359

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1914,1910s

Country: Russia,USA

Location: vladivostok

TC Begins: 01:00:07

TC Ends: 01:10:56

Duration: 00:10:49

1910s - USSR: Revolution w/ VIPs, Fighting & Vladivostok (1917-1918) CU Montage: Russian peasant faces, workers, farmers. High Angle / HA city w/ factories. Slug. 01:00:38 Lenin speaking at base of monument to waving crowds. Slug. 01:00:57 Map w/ Black Sea . German VIPs; German troops marching in Russia. Slug. 01:01:34 Montage: US Naval ship underway in heavy seas. British troops in kilts march in snow; Map. US battleship in Vladivostok harbor. Japanese battleship w/ officers - Japanese sailors w/ soldiers of various nations. Russian VIPs board ship. Scene after executions. Map, military officers off ship, gift presented to General ?; people in street. Map. Wealthy Russians in Nevsky Market. Soldiers run to defend & into base of large gun . 01:03:15 Animated map detailing ?? encircling Moscow. Soldier speaking 01;03:43 Russian in heavy coat speaking at open air meetings; Army officer speaking to troops; various unid. Russians speaking; passing out newspapers; Mayakovsky signing ??. Red & White Armies march, load supplies & travel on open train. 01:05:00 Lenin speaks to troops (actual voice laid over silent footage. CU various personalities. Slug. 01:07:05 Mounted Russian troops reviewed and riding. CU posed soldier; others riding. 01:07:27 HA Civilian crowd thru street w/ banner in city. Chinese marchers. Flags of many nations. Montage of demonstrators w/ wipes between segments. HA of civilian demonstrators. 01:08:20 CU Statue of Liberty head & arm. HA marching demonstrators & ground shot; police arresting & beating men, carrying them off. 01:08:56 Russian on crate speaking; American journalist John Reed at feet taking notes. (shortly before death in 1920). 01:09:09 Montage of soldiers marching, running, riding w/ swords, driving teams of horses from wagons, soldiers boarding. 01:09:24 Mikhail Kalinin reviewing troops at attention; given white paper & rolls it like a scroll. 01:09:40 Montage: Soldiers and horses crossing floating bridge; others riding along road; Stalin walking, saluting past standing troops; cannon fired from wagon & large explosion; mounted cavalry riding fast, explosions. Boat firing mounted gun; injured carried on stretchers. Various boats. Draped coffin w/ American flag onto whaleboat; 3-stack military ship leaving harbor. WW1; Russian Civil War ; Battle Scenes; Russian navy; American warship; Stock Footage; NOTE: Partial or entire sold at per reel rate. NOT SPEED CORRECTED. NOTE: 220896 has SPEED CORRECTED.

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