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1950s - Indochina War: Chien Thang Dien Bien Phu (Victory At Dien Bien Phu) R3 of 3

Reel Number: H1907-03

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1954,1964,1950s

Country: China,India,Laos,Switzerland,Vietnam

Location: Dien Bien Phu,Geneva

TC Begins: 04:00:26

TC Ends: 04:16:00

Duration: 00:15:34

NOTE: FOR ORDERING See: www.footagefarm.co.uk or contact us at: Info@Footagefarm.co.uk 1950s - Indochina War: R3 of 3 Montage: CU gears turning, men assembling grenades; machinists working; Viet Minh men moving loaded bicycles up mountain trail; women at looms. 04:01:08 Montage: village daily life; women unload small boats on river; men stack bags of supplies; load trucks; carry baskets covered w/ leaves up trail. 04:01:51 Map. 04:02:10 Soldiers thru jungle. Set fire to base of tower; to military equipment. Stills alongside railroad; beside burned out military trucks on road. Smoke from fighting; railroad sabotaged; peasants & troops along mountain hillsides. 04:03:41 Animated illustration of French base; Vietnamese pamphlet “Kien Quyet Dau Tranh Chong”... then title cards. 04:04:24 Officer lecturing to men w/ rifles in trenches; CUs. Title: 01May54 explosions & fighting / battle. 04:04:53 Diplomatic conference around large four sided table w/ observers. Molotov & Gromyko; Premier Zhou Enlai & ??; Viet Minh delegation. 04:05:05 Firing artillery; French troops running; others fighting. Animated illustration of base. Title: 07May54. Troops advancing on run under cover of machine guns; explosions & troops running thru. Still of large explosion. Stills of French officers on telephones intercut w/ Viet Minh troops running past tanks, taking prisoners, run forward w/ flag. 04:06:50 French officers in CU after taken prisoner; pan line of French w/ white surrender flags past Viet Minh w/ rifles. Other French Foreign Legion w/o flags past burning tank. High angle of massive number of POWs past. 04:08:01 Tilt up & pan destroyed French tanks & other equipment including airplane; piled weapons. 04:08:38 Viet Minh riding tanks w/ flag flying waving to soldiers & others lining road. Birds in sky; various Communist nationalities around the world applauding & cheering. Carrying banner of Ho Chi Minh & Stalin thru Red Square; in Tiananmen Square, etc. 04:10:11 Wreathlaying in France w/ flags lowered. 04:10:27 Vietnamese soldiers at attention beside machine guns. Title card: Thu’ Cua - Ban Chap Hanh Trung Uong... Other title cards. Shots of military equipment & Vietnamese troops reviewed. 04:11:58 Geneva conference & signing by French & Vietnamese; lowering of French flag & Vietnamese flying. French leaving French Indo-China including diplomats. GOOD 04:12:45 Vietnamese celebrating in streets, cheering, waving flags; soldiers parading, receiving bouquets, crowds cheering. Ho Chi Minh on balcony waving, MCU. Troops pass in review. Good montage at end. but water damage over some. End titles rolling. Historical Documentary Film; Revolution; Insurrection; History; Southeast Asia; French Colonialism; Anti-Colonial; French Indochina War; 1950s; Hero; Celebrity; Dien Bien Phu; NOTE: Print is contrasty and has some intermittent water damage, heavy at beginning of reel; unusual action footage. First French Indochina War fought from 19Dec46 to 01Aug54. Viet Minh fought low-level insurgency till 1949 when Chinese Communists reached northern border, then it became modern conflict w/ sides supplied by USA & USSR. Partial or entire of this card / reel sold at per reel rate. NOTE: FOR ORDERING See: www.footagefarm.co.uk or contact us at: Info@Footagefarm.co.uk

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