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1940s - USSR: Cult of Stalin Parades

Reel Number: 221083-12

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1940s

Country: Russia,Ukraine,USSR

Location: Kiev,Moscow,Ukraine

TC Begins: 08:07:36

TC Ends: 08:11:15

Duration: 00:03:39

1940s - USSR: Cult of Stalin Parades Top shots parade in Kiev w/ portraits of Stalin & Soviet officials. Traveling shot along street decorated w/ banners. Parade of civilians many holding ribbons attached to huge portrait of Stalin on wheels. 08:08:58 Moscow parade: smiling Stalin & Molotov waving from Mausoleum in Red Square. Excited people as they parade past podium cheering & waving up to Stalin w/ ‘reaction shots’ Stalin waving back, pointing & clapping. Various nationalities in crowd inc. gypsy woman dancing. Old lady peers up towards podium. Women chanting ‘Stalin!’ Very good adoration / personality cult shots. Russia / USSR. Ukraine. 1940s.

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