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1967 - Weather Aftermath; NASA Surveyor III; Air Disaster; Svetiana Stalin; Royalty; NATO; Invention; Mile Race

Reel Number: 221789-02

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1967,1960s

Country: Cyprus,Greece,India,USA,USSR

Location: Belvidedere,California,HYDERABAD,Illinois,Kansas,New York City,nicosia,NYC,Oak Lawn,pasadena

TC Begins: 18:07:03

TC Ends: 18:13:34

Duration: 00:06:31

NOTE: FOR ORDERING See: www.footagefarm.co.uk or contact us at: Info@Footagefarm.co.uk 1967 - Weather Aftermath; NASA Surveyor III; Air Disaster; Svetiana Stalin; Royalty; NATO; Invention; Mile Race Intertitle: Tornadoes - 52 Dead As Twisters Rip Illinois Towns. Pan heavily damaged building in Chicago suburb, Oak Lawn, w/ fireman looking thru destroyed wall. Pan people looking thru partially destroyed houses in Belvidedere. National Guard patrolling; residents gathering belongings. Nuns look at destroyed Catholic school. Buses tossed about, overturned cars. Shopping mall; hospital & people on stretchers treated. 18:08:24 Intertitle: Moon Shot - Surveyor Proves Surface Firm. Employees at JPL / Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena watching Surveyor III moon landing. Zoom in on photograph of moon surface. People watch television / TV of spacecraft on moon surface. Man at controls demonstrates robotic model scraping surface. CU of controls. People applaud. 18:09:18 Intertitle: Airliner Crash - 129 Killed In Tourist Flight. Swiss commercial plane wreckage of 4-engine Brittania turboprop aircraft scattered on rocky mountainside after crashing in storm near Nicosia, Greece. Still photographer looking. Bodies on ground & carried on stretchers. CU suitcase w/ travel decals; purse; doll; photograph. 18:10:07 Intertitle: News In Brief - New York City. Svetiana Stalin hurries down steps from airplane, to microphones talking to crowd (MOS). MCU. 18:10:39 Intertitle: India. Coronation of 8th Nizam of Hyderabad, Barakat Ali Khan Mukarram Jah Asaf Jah VIII, aka Mukarram Jah. MS w/ Turkish wife Esra Birgin. CUs. 18:11:07 Intertitle: Norway. NATO military pilots on skis across snow, on snowshoes pulling rubber dinghys. digging snow cave - interior eating snow. 18:11:57 Intertitle: California. Aeronautics professor Paul Moller boards XM-2 14 ft diameter hovercraft flying on tether line as people watch. NOTE: Moller built other, more powerful “flying saucers”. 18:12:45 Intertitle: Sports - Kansas. Track & field meet. CU Glenn Cunningham & ?? talking. Runners begin mile won by Jim Ryun in 3:54.7. MCU after race. Moon Exploration; Anti-Communist; Cold War; Asylum (?); Inventors; Invention; College Sports; Amateur Athletics; Athlete; 1960s; NOTE: Partial or entire sold at per reel rate.

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