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Black Americans Visit USSR R2 of 2 (aka A Delegation Of American Negroes In The USSR)

Reel Number: 221589-06

Color: Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1971

Country: Russia,Tajikistan,USSR

Location: Dushanbe,Leningrad,Stalingrad,tadzhikistan,Tajikistan,Volgograd

TC Begins: 00:11:07

TC Ends: 00:20:32

Duration: 00:09:25

Black Americans Visit USSR R2 of 2 (aka A Delegation Of American Negroes In The USSR) Dushanbe, Tajikistan: views of city. Vice-President of Tajikistan’s Supreme Soviet Nina Zarikova talks & delegates take notes. Street scenes & buildings. Visiting library. 00:12:29 Delegation visits Nurek Hydroelectric Power project being built; welding; workers, spillways. 00:13:16 Volgograd (ex Stalingrad). Views & street scenes (GOOD). Delegates film damaged building left as memorial to WWII; lay wreath at monument w/ eternal flame. Mamayev Kurgan w/ statue of motherland & massive sculptures. Newlyweds visiting. 00:15:36 Volga Hydropower Station exterior & interior. Delegates tour interior. 00:16:26 Leningrad general views. Smolny Institute exterior. Lenin’s house interior & stills on wall include Stalin. Paintings. 00:17:18 22nd CPSU Congress plant producing turbines. Romantic views Leningrad & Neva river. Pushkin statue. Peter the Great (?) statue. 00:18:00 Moscow & visit to Vietnam embassy w/ Ambassador Nguien Tho Thian?. City views. 00:18:25 Economic Achievements Exhibition: Space rocket & cosmos pavilion; Soyuz spaceshisp. 00:19:20 Visit Union of Soviet Friendship Societies. George Murphy speech (out of sync) re US minorities & socialism needing leadership of the Soviet Union. 00:20:16 High angle of highway & wide streets thru Moscow. The End. Travelogue; Political Propaganda; Cold War; Ethnic Cultures; NOTE shrinkage after 00:20:16 causes bounce. NOTE: Any continuous one minute sold at per reel rate.

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